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01 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Grooming

Guys from Poddar Kennel / Traders plz stop this. almost every other day u have 4-5 entries in the puppy section ki bull dog bhi basset bhi. Arre if sme one is a breeder its alright, but a trader can provide all dog breeds that is understood.  only  a single entry that all breeds available will suffice.


abhijit dutta
pet shops shudnt be allowed to publicise in here....i guess its a dog lovers forum... not dog buisnessmen forum....everything in here is happenin with the aim of betterment for the animals and with the aim of helping out dog lovers seeking information bout keeping or showing dogs...or to let buyers come in touch with gud breeders....
from seeing the advertisements i dnt feel this guy even has a kennel or is a breeder....they are just a pet shop...or may b a pet broker in fact...anyone doin the first few steps of research on "how to acquire a gud puppy"... must have read,,,,,"NEVER GET A PUPPY FROM PET SHOPS OR BROKERS"....doin so we are promoting puppy mills and unethical backyard lovers plz ignore ne adverstisement from pet stores....

By: abhijit dutta | 03 Apr 2009

abhijit dutta
i have seen ppl getting kci registration as kennel....and than openin up a pet shop....selling non-pedigree pups....with no gurantee watsoever....fooling ppl grossly...selling great dane pups to ppl living in two bedroom apartments ...saying its a indoor dog....( ridiculous isnt it !!!) sellin pups of same quality to sumone at 7 k and than to some one more ignorant at 15 k...these guys even preach than microchipping is unnecessary....n ppl over here in guwahati beleive them...i got a few pups from these guys as i was unaware of the dog thing...and after all these research ....i have taken up the task of improving the scene in my city...i have my slowly establishing kennel now...and m trying to let ppl know the reality of these pet shops....talkin to everyone...bringin ppl to my kennel ....showing them the difference between a 7 k non registered dog from these pet shop and a 25 k champion bloodline dog of the same breed...m trying my bit....wateva i can...i have a litter due on april end...even if the puppies dnt sell...i wud not give them up just any owner...or broker....if needed i will kip them all...

By: abhijit dutta | 03 Apr 2009

abhijit dutta
the message is... ignore pet shops n brokers....go to breeders....

By: abhijit dutta | 03 Apr 2009

Dear abhimania,Definately Pet shop n brokers are not brreders, but pl. tell me one thing, from where they get all these pet.

By: Deepak | 06 Apr 2009

abhijit dutta
Mainly from backyard breeders...who decide to mate their dogs for some easy it mayb wrong to call dem breeders even coz they do not scrutiny health n temperament conditions not crosscheck the breedabilty of their bitch...n just breed it for the money...d nly option fitted for dese ppl are brokers n petshops...who get ignorant puppy buyers in plenty who do not enquire n crosscheck before taking a puppy home..such ppl never even think of d bettermnt of the not provide sufficient diet n medication n care to the dogs or puppies...n sell off puppies less than 8 weeks of age ...leave alone pedigree...they dnt even kip health records...I hve seen dese things form vicious circles...these buyers are advised by d shop owners that they can breed d dog n puppy sales wud b taken care by dem..n many of dese are actually wrkin that way...

By: abhijit dutta | 06 Apr 2009

It mean all Pet shop n brokers are hoax.

By: Deepak | 07 Apr 2009

abhijit dutta
Yes.espcially for people buying dogs for the first time...ppl unaware or ignorant of asking about whr the pups come from

By: abhijit dutta | 07 Apr 2009

Do you have any list of reputated breeder in north, if yes then pl. publish it for ppl.

By: Deepak | 07 Apr 2009

i am a dog lover
want to buy a --antonio shepherd or a akita( brown )
can u help me on this
i stay in kolkata---park circus

By: zamilur | 26 Oct 2009

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