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Everyday we come across stories of people who leave their everything behind to do something extraordinary for the goodwill others be it humans, animals or environment. Stories of few are heard and remain intact in our hearts and make us ponder how the love and passion for others drove them to come forward to provide a helping hand. 

Few succeed, few don’t and few keep on trying to do best for the well being of others. 

The love for the less fortunate and the voiceless drove Vandana Anchalia and  Aaditi Badam to come together and form POSH Foundation, which aims to balance between the three key aspects that are in constant conflict namely Animal, Human and Environment

As of now POSH is focusing on it's Animal Welfare Initiative "Adopt A Pet", where it is trying to help the sick and injured strays and promote the adoption of the indigenous breeds.

We caught up with Vandana Anchalia and  Aaditi Badam, the ladies behind POSH Foundation to understand more about the Foundation, the initiatives and the way forward.

Here is an excerpt from the chat

DogSpot: Tell us about the story behind Posh Foundation? What motivated you to do something like this?

POSH Foundation has a very ordinary story like any other organisation. The love for the less fortunate and the voiceless drove two of us to come together and form this organisation. Everytime we helped someone in need we realized the importance and impact of it. We saw the number of our rescues and happy and grateful faces growing everyday and this motivated us to multiply this multi-fold and grow an organisation dedicated to the cause we firmly believe in.

DogSpot: What’s the main mission and philosophy of the Posh Foundation?

POSH Foundation's main mission is to bring a balance between the three key aspects that are in constant conflict namely Animal, Human and Environment. We believe a balance is paramount to bring harmony and relief amongst three of them to check the cruelty and bitterness that is persistent between them. Our philosophy is to create a neutral zone where all three can coexist.

DogSpot: What are the key areas that you focus on? Mention some initiatives taken up by the Posh Foundation?

Right now POSH is focusing on it's Animal Welfare Initiative "Adopt A Pet". Here we are mainly trying to help the sick and injured strays and promote the adoption of our indigenous breeds. Recently POSH did a "Treat on Street" event in association with a dog food catering organisation to spread a message to general public on the need of feeding the starving strays on every lane and street, "Project Pyaas" was another initiative where we vowed to place bowls in and around Delhi NCR to save our strays from the scorching heat. Very recently we did a Street Fundraising and Awareness Event in CP to explain the people the importance of stopping and reporting an animal in distress.

adopt a pet

DogSpot: How would you like to take the foundation forward? What are the key things that you would work on this year?
The Foundation will be launching it's other two projects "Youth India" and "Project Earth" next year. This year, as mentioned earlier, our main focus would be Adopt A Pet. We would like to expand the team and work on four major areas:
1. Awareness, Adoptions and Counselling
2. Cruelty Intervention and Rescue
3. Sterilisation and Postoperative Care
4. First Aid and treatment of sick and injured animals

DogSpot: Share us about the Adopt A Pet initiative of Posh Foundation?

"Adopt A Pet" is our animal welfare initiative and very close to our heart. It started with the idea to promote adoption of our strays but gradually we realised that there was more to it. We are now full time involved in rescue and treatment of sick and injured strays in the best of our capacity.

DogSpot: Can you please explain our readers about the adoption process from Adopt A Pet?

"Adopt A Pet" follows a very friendly but stringent process when it comes to adoption. The prospective parents are interviewed by the team on phone which is later followed by a house check. If the family is approved all the relevant documents are collected and an adoption form is asked to be signed. This is followed by surprise house check in the initial 6 months and a contact with the family is maintained throughout. We charge an administrative fee of Rs 200/- for the adoption and also give free lifetime counselling and help in Spaying/Neutering process at a later stage.

DogSpot: In terms of geographical presence how many cities you are present in?

Currently we are only operating in Delhi- Ncr region. We have enormous interest from people from different cities to join a local team but this would take time and we are in no hurry. We believe in taking one step at a time and right now Delhi- NCR needs our attention.

DogSpot: How big is your team right now? How do you bring in people to participate in your initiatives?

The team has 23 members as of today and a strong base of volunteers who support us from time to time. We have been lucky so far and our work has spoken for us. Most of the team members contacted us and were keen on joining. However, we work hard to do more rescues and inspire people to bring a change and  join us.

DogSpot: How do you raise money for these initiatives?

Currently we are working on few ideas to have a free flow of funds to make our operations smoother. We mainly organise events and sale on our eBay store to raise funds. However, a major chunk of our donation still comes from our loyal donors.

DogSpot: Are there any challenges that you are facing in running this up?

Like any other organisation the major issues that we face is the funding. Other than that so far we are managing with the smaller issues that comes in the way of functioning.

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