Preservative Vital Part Of Dry Dog Food

23 Jun 2017 | by | Posted in: Health

Food preservation is the technique to keep the food safe and healthy for consumption for the longer duration. Through which our loving pets are able to taste and eat the best made for them in form of dry dog food. Preservation technique used in making dry dog foods are heating, vacuum packaging, food preservative (Artificial & Natural) and modified atmosphere. Most important role is played by the preservative used in the dry dog food. Without a preservative, it is impossible to keep or store the food for a longer time. One should know about the preservative used in the food, about their safety and efficacy. The antioxidant is a substance that ceases oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food. It prevents the food from oxidation, keeping it fresh and thus preserves the food. Preservatives ensure pet foods keep their long shelf life by preventing fat and other ingredients in the food from oxidizing (spoiling). Dog food has a good amount of fat and thus there are chances of oxidation, which makes the food not only taste bad but also unsafe to eat. Hence it is important to have antioxidants in the food to perverse the food from spoiling. Artificial preservative, when used in permissible quantity or value, are safe for the dogs. Artificial Preservatives are blamed for causing cancer, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, allergies, hair loss, blindness and immunodeficiency in our pets. Many Monitoring and control authorities regularly check and monitor the permissible level of preservative in the food. Since the beginning of dry food every year lots of research and research paper gets published for the use of these preservatives in the dog food advocating the harmful effects of using the artificial preservative in the food, challenging control and monitor authority but none of them are able to derive the same. But it is controversial and also the use of these artificial preservatives is a big question in regards to the health of our pet. Artificial Preservatives, when used for longer terms, lead harmful effect on the pet in form of accumulation and Organ dysfunction as above. Health concerns are always bought out by the researchers in case of using artificial preservatives. Synthetic preservatives such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), propyl gallate, propylene glycol and the one that leads the hot debate ethoxyquin are the most common preservatives used in pet foods and are also the most controversial. The Long-term consumption and high dosage in daily intake of these preservatives can lead to acute health problems in the pet. But these researchers help us to upgrade and make us think and find the better way of preserving the food. What we can see in many dry dog food brands. Now there are many brands which the use only the natural preservative such as Natural & Delicious in which no artificial preservative used to preserve. Natural preservative includes natural antioxidants (tocopherol rich extracts) which preserve the quality of our food in total natural form. Natural dietary antioxidants not only preserve the food but also leave a benefic effect on pets that take them in their diet. On an Internal level within pets body, antioxidant regulates adverse reaction caused by free radicals which result in Reducing cellular aging, reducing the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases onset, often linked to oxidative stress. Natural preservatives include Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin E (tocopherols), oils, rosemary, clove or other spices, just like it was used to preserve foods thousands of years ago. Dog Food will have Natural antioxidant-rich ingredients such as some cereals (oats), beetroots and potatoes, fruits like pomegranate and orange but mostly some berries (blueberry, currant) and green tea. In such type of natural preservation Natural antioxidants can be included to food in higher quantities than artificial ones, as safety limits are higher. Food brands which use only natural and safe preservative are high priced as all high-grade ingredient rich in natural antioxidant is used which worth the cost and health of our loving pet. In conclusion, one must check the food label for natural preservative as they are the best and healthy for your pet.

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