Project Pyaas: An Opportunity To Help Strays [Interview]

10 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Seeing dogs eating from garbage, drinking from drainages and seeking shade under cars is not an uncommon sight. With Delhi temperatures peaking at 47.8 degrees, stray dogs have much trouble surviving. This issue was addressed with the aid of Project Pyaas, an initiative of Adopt A Pet, an NGO for the welfare of animal shelters, SPCAs, pet rescue groups and homeless animals. Project Pyaas is gathering momentum throughout the capital with great effect.

We had a chat with Aditi Badam to know more about this initiative. Here is a quick chat:

DogSpot: For our readers who do not know about Project Pyaas, could you explain about this initiative?

Aditi: Project Pyaas is an initiative of Adopt A Pet. We see everywhere dogs looking for water in this extreme heat and drinking from drainages. There are no sources of clean water for dogs. Our main motive is to place water bowls for dogs so they can quench their thirst. Ideal locations for placing bowls are near paanvalas, security guards and residential houses so that they can be refilled easily. We also have messages written on the bowls to spread awareness about this initiative.

DogSpot: How did the idea come up?

Aditi: Dogs need three basic things to survive. Shelter, food and water. Water is the most essential element of their survival. They don’t have any access to fresh water. So we realised that this issue needed to be addressed.

DogSpot: How has the response been so far?

Aditi: The response has been really great. People are getting to know more about our initiative. We even conducted a Ground Zero drive on 31st May wherein we placed about 2 dozen bowls in the Vasant Kunj area and 15 - 20 bowls in the Indirapuram area. It is really picking up well.

DogSpot: Have you received any donation? How many bowls have been purchased?

Aditi: There is no intention of earning profit. We always break even. All the money received from the sale of bowls is used in making more bowls. The average order is 5 - 10 bowls.


DogSpot: Are you working with any civic bodies or individuals to further your cause? Any plans to do so?

Aditi: We are in the process. We want celebrity activists to come onboard as they seem to have the most influence over the general masses.

DogSpot: What, according to you, is the people’s general mentality/perception towards stray dogs?

Aditi: The plight of stray dogs is very much known among the residents. People are actually responding positively to our cause. The number of volunteers are also increasing. I think we are successful in making people realise that they need to do their bit for stray dogs.

DogSpot: For how long will this campaign run?

Aditi: This is our first time conducting Project Pyaas. We plan to do this every summer from May to June. Our aim is to place 300 - 500 bowls every season.

DogSpot: Any message that you would like to give to our readers?

Aditi: Our only message is ‘Don’t shop, adopt’. People need to realise that stray dogs are also sentient beings.

DogSpot: Where can one buy the bowls?

Aditi: You can buy bowls by filling out the Volunteer Form.

DogSpot: What is the price of a single bowl? How many bowls can one order?

Aditi: A bowl costs Rs.100 each and the minimum order is 5 bowls, with maximum being 20 bowls.

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