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Punjab Government Willing To Pay Private Vets For Sterilization [News]

26 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The usual cause of conflict between dog lovers and all others is the fact that dogs are everywhere lately. Especially in metropolitan cities, where a decade ago you would see 5 dogs in a neighbourhood let’s say. That number would now be quadrupled and no residential colony has less than 20 dogs on average.

A similar situation was ignited in Chandigarh where many locals are explicitly voicing their concerns over the menace of stray dogs. Many such cases were reported where a single (possibly rabid) dog went on to bite and injure more than 5 people at a time. If that wasn’t enough, citizens of Mohali and Panchkula also started coming up in clusters with a similar situation. Such individual cases have led to the lives of all the other innocent stray and pet dogs in jeopardy. It is but obvious when something in our country gets media spotlight, the mob behaviour is activated. Meaning, the ones who were not even directly influenced by such cases have also started to resort to violent behaviours with their poor strays in the neighbourhood. Some even went on to suggest some radical measures like “shooting” as many dogs as possible as they are ‘scum’.

The surprising response from the government is yet to be seen in an executive manifestation. The Municipal Corporation (MC) of Chandigarh announced that the best way to confront the concerns of the masses was to sterilize all the dogs in the city. They even suggested to involve private veterinarians in this campaign to expedite the process. Mayor HC Kalyan said he would discuss this issue at a meeting of the general house on the 30th of May.

Previously the MC had given this task to two NGO’s; who apparently are not being able to meet their own sterilization targets and the dogs they are fostering are multiplying within the facility rapidly. Seeing the urgency in the situation, the officials are ready to ‘rope in’ private practitioners who will obviously cost a substantial amount of public funds.

The response of this proposition has been taken well by the public where some citizens are still suggesting mass genocide of the poor creatures who are in no way to be blamed for their unfortunate existence in a man eat dog world. Even some vets are insisting that rabies is a bigger issue than overpopulation.

The aspect of focussing on rabies is not incorrect but limiting the population of the livestock that is free roaming and unclaimed will help us in quarantining an infected animal is such a thing happens in the future. I personally feel such an initiative should be undertaken by as many organizations and communities as possible across the country and the results will be astonishing beyond measure.

Share your story whether you are already sterilizing nearby animals or plan to get involved in such a drive.

Image source: destinationpanama.wordpress.com

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