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Puppy Bit By Rattlesnake, Saved By WhistleGPS [News]

01 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

You might sometimes wonder whether your pet gadget might actually be of any help someday or not, whether they are of any real use of not. The Whistle tracker monitors your dog’s health and activities while you’re away, sure, but it can also save their life.

In one potentially life threatening incident, a woman saved her pup’s life when she realised he wasn’t moving around as much as he usually did. Worried, she rushed back home to find her little pup all curled up and motionless. She soon discovered that a rattlesnake had bit the pup. After catching the rattlesnake she took him to the vet immediately, thus saving his life from the lethal venom of a rattlesnake.


(Source - www.cnn.com) 

Whistle CEO Ben Jacobs said, that she later called the company, in tears, thanking them profusely.   Whistle is an on-collar dog tracker that relays information about your dog’s state of health, via Bluetooth, to an app on your smartphone. It is used by over 1% of the dog owners in New York and San Francisco. There is, however, a newer, more advanced version of the Whistle tracker and that is the WhistleGPS. We at DogSpot did a small preview of the gadget and if you wish to read up on it, click here.

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