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24 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Training

My 8 Weeks old Boxer puppy has got a habit of Biting an Nipping, and this has gone to a very high level. In fact that is the only thing he does when he is awake. He tries to hang on to peoples dresses and bite my young kid. I have tried telling him NO BITING, given him toys but he just keeps coming back.

Can any of you suggest me some good trainer, as I do not want ot give up on the puppy, but let me assure you he is driving me to the wall.


Saugat Sanyal
Relax Digvijay, your pup is just a small kid, its teething and as a result is biting, this is normal. Give him toys, particularly kong toys filled with peanut butter, this should have him occupied for hours. Also you can place small towels dipped in water in deep freezer and give it to him (not for long as this might cause cough and cold problems), give hims chew sticks, smoked bones that you get in toy shops this will keep him happy.
You should have studied about puppies before getting one as nearly all puppies bite and nip and this goes on till 4-5 months of age.
As far as trainer goes, he is too young to go to a profrssional trainner, give him couple of months and then get him a trainner. Till then its recomend you train him. get a book on puppy training.

Hope this helps.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 27 Apr 2009

This is a coomon problem with pups...they bit a lot..but they cant help ity either. My 2 month old gsd also behave in the same way...if he is not bitting or hanging on to my dresses then he is sleeping!!!
Chew sticks, bones, balls, toys..nothing can stop him from chewing me hands & legs..but again he just cant help it as he is teething...I say "LEAVE IT" as soon as he set his teeth on me..he does leave but only for a few second..
I shall suggest that you carry on with your NO BITING command & try to make him tired so that he has no energy left for biting..Mine is a hyperactive pup, so making him tired is not easy...but this do help a lot..
best of luck with your pup & happy biting..

By: Runni | 28 Apr 2009

I agree with Retina . My dog used to bite and almost extort us to play ALL the time . No matter how many toys I got him .But now he is about 11 months old and a completely different doggie . Your pup is still in growing stages is, in a way confused himself as to what is happening with him like human teenagers . Pls be patient with him Eventually he will grow out of it and sober down . Give him ample of exercise like play ball , make him run in open spaces etc etc . Basically a tired dog is a happy dog .

By: DoggieDawg | 28 Apr 2009

Thanks guys, will follow on.

By: Digvijay | 04 May 2009

Hi Guys, thanks for all the advice, just another query. My puppy has been nipping an in the process nipped me and punctured my skin, I got myself vaccinated, (all the five shots), though as he is always up to this. My question is do I need to get myself vaccinated every time such an accident happen.

By: Digvijay | 01 Jul 2009

Discover Dogs Lanka
This is normal puppy behavior and you do need to get vaccinated coz i assume your puppy is already vaccinated and it show no sign of rabies. So dont worry. If you do your part right, then you save yourself from the painful injections

By: Discover Dogs Lanka | 02 Jul 2009

Thanks for all the help guys. this is really informative. Coming to another subject which I know is a problem area for all pet owners, is Training. When do I start the training program for the puppy.

I have read about Puppy Kindergarden society where socialisation, obidence training is inculcated, do we have something like this available in Delhi. If you guys can let me know of some good basic training books which I can refer to that would also help.

By: Digvijay | 08 Jul 2009

I personally prefer to train the pup myself, atlaest the basic commands like sit, lay down, stay, come, take it, leave it, go to your bed, eat, fetch, etc. These sommends r very easy to teach irrespective of the dog breed. Training your pup will establish the bond between u two & ur pup will also know that he/she must obey you.
There are so many articles available on the net, just do some googling. Also u can by urself come up with some new commands & ways to teach those.
My pup is a treat lover, so I lure him to obey commands. Once he understands what he is supposed to do when a partcular command is given, I omit the treat. My pup usually learns a new command after 3 training sessions. So from the 4th day there is no treat, only petting or "good boy".
The time will vary as ur pup is of different breed than mine, but the basic approach is same. Try to know what he/she loves most and lure him/her with that. Its so easy.

By: Runni | 08 Jul 2009

Ravi Anderson
I have a female Himalayan Shepherd 3 months old, she has the habbit of bitting & nipping when ever she is in her play mood. I am glad to read the comments given above. I now can relax because as mentioned its her teething time. How to train her to listen to commands can any one tell me.
Ravi Anderson

By: Ravi Anderson | 25 Jul 2009

Dinkar Singh
Food is the best motivational factor to start training your dog. So get some nice treats or biscuits and start off. Keep the training sessions short and make it into a game rather than a class class. Basic obedience is what you should start off right way and also lead training and start socialisation also.

If there is any particular question regarding training then ask.

By: Dinkar Singh | 25 Jul 2009

Well to start off, How do you train the puppy to not bite the Leash, my puppy is used to the collar but not the leash.

The puppy recognizes his name but "come" is something that he has difficulty understanding. Do I add-in more commands every week or should i finish one then start with a new command.

By: Digvijay | 27 Jul 2009

Well to start off, How do you train the puppy to not bite the Leash, my puppy is used to the collar but not the leash.

The puppy recognizes his name but "come" is something that he has difficulty understanding. Do I add-in more commands every week or should i finish one then start with a new command.

By: | 27 Jul 2009

Ravi Anderson
My pup still does not reconize her name, she does not listen to any commands how to train her.

By: Ravi Anderson | 28 Jul 2009

Dinkar Singh
When it is feeding time and when she is all excited take her bowl in your hand call her name and say come and when she comes put the bowl down and praise her. It will take time but works. I have just got a new 3 month old pup and I had a similar problem.

Another way is take a long nara (put in pajamas) or something stronger depending on the dog and his/ her strength. Take her to the garden and let her run and play then call her by taking her name and saying come. If she ignores then pull the lead and repeat her name and come and pull slowly towards yourself and praise her when she comes and may be give her a treat.

The above two will definately work, but keep in mind that the training shuold be for 10 min max and the treats should be small and tasty. be patient and it will work. generally will take about 1 week max. Also see that does see respond to noises, as she may be deaf but thats a 1 % chance i guess.

By: Dinkar Singh | 28 Jul 2009

First make sure she has no problem associated with hearing as Kasmanda suggested. Then you should first start with teaching her name. I used to play with my pup & constantly call his name, so that he understand that "jack" is something that is asoociated with him. Also whenever I used to pick him up or give him meals/treats or directly looking at him I constantly called his name. After 1 week or so I used to call his name when I was in another room or outside. He picked up his name within 10 days!! Also do remember to make ur voice as loving & interesting as possible so that ur pup relates her name with good thing. NEVER call her by name to scold her in the beginning.
First let her pick up the name, then gradually start with other commands. Continue with the same command until she learns it totally. Then sgift to other commands but everytime start the training session with revision.
Best of luck with ur pup.

By: Runni | 29 Jul 2009

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