Purin The Beagle Is Ready For The FIFA World Cup! Are You? [Video]

12 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

With the much awaited international football World Cup about to start in full flow tonight itself, fans have high levels of excitement being summoned for the first game. Where on one side we have the human fans who do all kinds of quirky stuff for their support of a team like painting faces, buying merchandise or even opting for permanent tattoos in some instances; on the other side we have the animal counterparts of the same hype who are being objectified in a glamorous fashion.

I’m sure most of us remember Paul The Oracle from 2010 World Cup. Paul was an Octopus who became extremely popular for allegedly predicting the right result 8 times. We can safely say that the most celebrated non-footballer from the World Cup was Paul the Oracle.

Purin could potentially be a match of the same caliber in a way. A Beagle who is already a Youtube sensation with more than 40 videos already viral. How is he special you may ask. Well Purin is extremely sport savvy for the species how belongs. Beagles are scent hounds more focussed towards hunting and tracking. But this little canine can do anything from catch a ball to kick a ball. Watch Purin in the video below to see what we mean by ‘catching a ball’, literally with his front paws.


Purin’s owners decided to shoot one with him at the goal. The intent seems to be for him to catch up with the FIFA World Cup 2014 hype, and trust me he is well caught up with his athletic capabilities. The video below will show you how you can recruit a Beagle as a goalie for your football team if you’re lacking in certain specialists on the pitch. If the FIFA rules were flexible to allow animals on the team, I’m sure Purin makes the cut as an athlete, if not atleast a mascot.


In addition to these impressive catching skills, Purin is also able to perform in other dimensions like skateboarding as well as jump rope.

Please your own dogs quirky skills and how you are preparing him for the World Cup.

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