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My 1 year lab likes to play a lot but bites my hand playfully (it hurts), help?

My 1 year lab likes to play a lot but bites my hand playfully (it hurts) or jumps on me (with his 35kg weight this hurts too)Please tell me how to handle his playfullness.I play ball with him and take him for long walks (30min ) twice a day.He jumps on the furniture when excited or chews up things when bored (especially early mornings when he is on his own)I do not tie him.
By phoebe · 13 Jul 2012 7:05 pm


By Shanu · 21 Jul 2012 9:31 am
when he does this stay calm and ignore him afterwards when he cools down praise him and then play with him.exercise him a lotttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Yang Siram · 25 Jul 2012 2:16 pm
he should be trained and some punishment are must like if you see him chew just take that particular thing and show it to him/her and in a rough voive say no along with his name. then take him out side and tie him or punish him (but dont punish him without giving food).. repeat this evertime you see him doing such mess.. an one fine day he will know as a lab is very xerpt in catchin things up...
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By Rohan · 15 Nov 2012 6:36 pm
Realisation is the only way they know that biting things doesnt help.
Its natural for most dogs to bite and "chew" at things hard enough to cause you terrible pain.

With pups, biting is like exploring the world, ofcourse with their mouth.. and thats really natural.

When yr dog bites you, just express pain in the most painful way (even if it didnt hurt at all) and just lie down on the floor with pain and pretend being a 90's bollywood flick hero with 2 bullets on yr chest.
In a while yr dog would approach you & maybe lick you.
Dismiss the situation by praising & rubbing yr dog..

If yr dog fails to approach you, the next time he bites you, just act up in pain again and just leave him/her there and leave the room for sometime.
Repeat it till the message is passed on.

For biting up furniture, chairs tables etc means that yr dog is just getting bored and passing time by discovering new things.
Just pass the dog few toys, one being a tug (keep off while teething), rubber balls, chew toys etc and keep them busy.

You could also try the bitter apple/bitter cherry treatment.
take a cloth well sprayed with this soluton, and hold it with gentle force (so that yr dog doesnt open his mouth) for nearly a minute.
(this thing is pretty pretty sour, so be warned). Yr dog would just do his best to keep it off.. after a minute just release yr dog, and with dilution spray it to all yr furniture. You may not feel the smell of this diluted liquid, but yr dog definitely will, and would never dig his teeth again.
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