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Please suggest in relation to black colour supernatural thing?

10 days back i bought a black pup but yestreday he died due to distemper i gave best treatment to him through pet and i also cared him when i bought he was sick many people told me that black dog difficultly survive so everyone suggested his trick someone told to gave prashd of bhairon baba some told ise nazar lag gai he,another told black dog is linked with shani dev so he takes all your problem on him,and i did everything to protect him but i failed to save him and lost him in the night when i was curing his high fever......now i am completely in phobia and not able to forget his memories.....someone now told now you can have black dog and now he will survive.and even seller told me this that its difficult to have black dog when i asked him to give another as he is responsible for dog problem as dog told that he got distemper from his place.what shall i do shall to get black again as i like lab in black very much or any one has a remedy to do with supernatural thing??????obviuosly i will get another one after15 days as virus is still in my home???please suggest in relation to black colour supernatural thing. please analyze whole situation and help.
By vipin chawla · 02 Jun 2010 1:59 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 02 Jun 2010 2:34 pm
I dont know how to take this question, the puppy died as because he is sick/infection not because of color. Also virus not a guest to stay in home for one week or month, some virus seriously cant survive outside, so no issues on that, if still you afraid, wash your house with phenoil/dettol.Canine distemper is usually transmitted through contact with respiratory secretions. But contact with fecal material and the urine of infected dogs or things they have contaminated can also cause infection.

There is no relation in black with supernatural things, better buy healthy pup from reputed breeder. Check the pedigree of pup before you buy. After you get pup, do vet check to the doctor nearby in your area. You can buy Black Labrador again and instead of phobia make your mindset that you are there to provide healthy lifestyle for your labrador. All the Best and God bless you...
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By kuljeet chaudhary · 13 Jun 2010 12:57 pm
Dear friend......i think you belive a lot on supernatural things....and your mindet is totally based on these....i too belive on god and indian rituals....but not on facts which have not relivance....my advice to you is go and buy a healthy pup...( a black lab) preferable if he is still with mother, ( best time to buy a pup is around 50-60 days from the day of birth, and will be best if is still with his mom, bcoz the mother milk is important in immunizing the pup).....this was regarding the pup buying..........and now reagrding the supernatural remedy...black dog is associated with kal bharav maharaj....and shree sani dev....but before that its a simple dog......here is a small example,,,every god was born in human figure ...but still we don't consider every human to be god ..similary is in the case of dogs or animals..they are considered as the god form but actaully they are normal as any animal........if still u want to do some remedy for assuring a safe life for your dog do the underlisted things....they will help you ( personally practiced)

1. Feed stray dogs when ever you can.
2. Donate medicines in a dogs/ animal ngo.
3. Regularly visit the vet for ur pup check ups.
4. On 7 thursday offer coconut to shree sai nath and become his devotee. ........rest all will be fine........may your pup have a healthy and a long life.

Om sai ram
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By jony · 26 Jun 2010 3:51 am
distempar ek bahut hi khatarnak beemari hai jiski teen stage hoti hai
samajhne ki baat ye hai jaisa ki apne kaha ki puppy already sick tha
ustime kaunsi stage mai tha 2nd stage mai dog bachaya ja sakta hai
but 3rd stage stage mai dog ko bachana bahut hi muskil hai
2nd think jaisa aapne bataya ki kala dog mostly nahi bachta
aisa kuch nahi hai ye sirf apka vaham hai next time jab bhi aap
pupps khareedain to ek recognised soap se hi le purchase ke t
time pupps ka medical checkup karalain aur food hyzenic condition
mai hi dain garmi ke sesion mai water ka khayal rakhen
aur jahan tak ho sake a/c ko avoid karain
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By Ajinkya Gaikwad · 23 Jul 2010 11:09 am
ridiculous to say that your dog died due to any god or deity or any ritual....use your logic...canine distemper is tranferred from a mother to her puppies or due to contact with infected animals...it is as explainable as swine flu or influenza....
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By Indrajit Sanyal · 07 Feb 2011 12:53 pm
prasad or blessings of any god cant save any animal including human from diseases. distemper or rabies or parvo are caused by virus so we have to protect ourselves and our pet by proper vaccination etc. No dog or other animal dies just for his colour, may be some dogs are prone to have certain diseases. One thing more when you have planned to buy a pup always try to buy it from a responsible buyer and buy after getting knowledge about its mother ( better physically checking her health ). Secondly, you are a doglover and so exposure to sick dog is quite possible, and sometimes most experienced persons cant diagnose Rabies before the infected dog enters into violent stage of Hydrophobia, so to keep yourself safe from this fatal disease, a prophylaxis course (Pre exposure course) of anti rabies, is essential, after consulting with your house physician.
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