My 10 year old Chihuahua male fixed. Has had skin

My 10 year old Chihuahua male fixed (Neautered) have skin tags all over for a few years. One bump has gotten large and I'm a bit nervous. Is skin tags normal and I'm scared it's cancer. It has taken awhile to grow and hasent gotten bigger for now it's the same.

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Chihuahua is a type of dog that very active in nature, though it is small in size there is no otherdog as playful as a chihuahua. A perfect loving domestic dog who is an apple of the eye ofeveryone in the house.Well, to answer the question there is no definitive answer to what causes growths or skin tagson dogs, there are many reasons for the cause of the skin tags.However, the skin tags can mainly be caused due to Parasites like Fleas, lice, mites, and ticksthat can attach themselves to your dog. The attachment of all these can cause skininflammation resulting in skin tags.While some skin tags might be referred to be benign cancers, many of them can be non-cancerous and might be referred to by several names.The aging does not stop for anyone, so just like humans, dogs too have a tendency to developloose skin over time. The loose skin can create lumps under the skin of the dogs just as they doin older aged humans.These types of skin tags are mostly quite harmless. The growth of skin tags is a very slowprocess, the sizes and the shapes of the skin tags can vary just as the position of the sink tags.Some skin tags develop under the skin while some are over the skin and easily visible to eyes.If the skin tags are in such positions where the normal daily activity of your dog is compromisedor if they can get a cut and start to bleed. In such a condition, it would be harmful as thebleeding or the opened tag can get infected easily.Some skin tags can just shrink over time, and the removal of the skin tags can be done bysurgery.However, apple cider vinegar can also help in this matter. Soak a cotton ball in apple cidervinegar, place it on the skin tag and wrap it tightly. Repartee the process for a few days the skintag might fall off gradually.It is best to take the dog to a vet clinic, where the doctors can examine the skin tag. If neededthe doctor can perform a biopsy to know if the skin tag is cancerous.Once it is confirmed that the skin tag is non-cancerous it depends on you and the comfortabilityof the dog whether to remove it or not.You can even opt for other options too like freezing the skin tags. That can be done at home asthere are home kits available. However, before doing any domestic remedy a vet consultationcan be helpful.
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