My 15 days old Labrador puppy is do potty in every 2 hours when he wake up in 1 or 2 hours.

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He will continue to do this for 2 months atleast. All you can do is, make him eat and then take him for a short walk so that he urinates and does his potty. Please note that the puppy is too young to go out on the roads as he will definately catch some disease. So for a walk, if u live in a clean apartment, take him in the lobby and make sure the lobby is clean, or just ur balcony where u can easily wash the area. Please dont take him outside. The puppy will do this till 2 months old as his digestive system and liver is still very weak. Take every precaution you can and disinfect the area where he likes to be regularly till he is old enough.
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