My 1yr 5mth old male Lab is suffering with skin infections, help?

My 1yr 5mth old male Lab is suffering with skin infections very often. Inspite of showing to vet and getting him treated with Tab. Lixen, medicated shampoo etc his problem is repeating. As long as he is on medication infection is reducing once we stop medication its reappearing. He gets small boils which turn very red and appears like round worm and forms a pacth n looses hair at that spot. Pls suggest. tried many maedicines as per vets suggestion & is regular on deworming & other vaccinations...
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Hi. Skin infections are mostly hereditory and are caused because of poor immune system. Feed your dog with more oil rich food. Provide him omega 3 fatty acid supplement. Provide him good meat sources with variety.
what medicines did ur vet suggest? Did he suggest Ivermectin / Benzyl benzoate. These are common medicines for skin infections. Try applyin neem oil on him 1 hr before bath. Neem is a natural heeler for skin infections. give him more water to drink and have his skin hydrated.
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Thanks so much..
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