What precautions medicines. nutritional foods should I give my pregnant bitch for a healthy litter?

My 3.5 years old GSD has just mated, how can I confirm that she is pregnant, what precautions medicines. nutritional foods should I give her for a healthy litter
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Pregnancy cant be confirmed until 30-35 days, usual signs of pregnancy would be growth of milk sacks, dog would take more rest, compartively less active. Scanning should confirm the pregnancy aftre 40+ days.

These symptoms could also be due to harmonal changes during heat and post heat, they may show all signs of a true pregnancy but it could be psuedo pregnacy (fake pregnacy)...

Food should be royal canine A3 maintenance + 2 eggs + 300 grams of curd till 30 days from mating, after confirmation u can give verol syrup, calcium + 2 eggs + A3 Royal canine till 60 days and later, u can also give beef or chichekn soup well boiled.

Note: My comments are based on 5-6 years of breeding exp, please consult your doctor at every stage for a more specific / customized advise.
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· 2010-11-03T15:59:29+0530 03 Nov 2010 3:59 pm
hai, please dont give calcium now.because dogs it leads to birth defects.in pregnent dogs they can naturally devolop calcium for babys.u can give calcium in last week of delivery.dont give nay vitamin supplimenty.give food as u r giving like before.u have to change the food after 3weeks. dear i can give u more details later.i will catch u later i have to go out.
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· 2010-11-09T15:37:49+0530 09 Nov 2010 3:37 pm
Thanks Rajesh and Sandy for your guidance always welcome with yoyur suggestions.
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