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Can some one suggest a way to make food more tasty that puppies will like??

my 4 month old german shepherd puppy doesnt like to eat pedigree MEAT AND MILK. nor dose he like Cibau LARGE puppy breed food. I have a hard time feeding him everyday. Can some one suggest a way to make food more palatable or a readymade food that is nourishing and tasty that puppies will like??

2014-08-01T01:22:49+0530 01 Aug 2014 1:22 am


2014-08-04T10:50:56+0530 04 Aug 2014 10:50 am
Please try Royal canine or you can add chicken chunks in soupy gravy from pedigree along with the food.
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2014-08-07T23:49:19+0530 07 Aug 2014 11:49 pm
I have german shepherd puppy also now 8 months had same problems.. they are picky eaters! you have to get creative and keep them guessing what they might get.. only leave food out 15 mins if they dont eat take it away till next meal time! please follow this rule every meal time and follow a schedule.. your pup should be eating three times! since he wont eat, give less quantity and more frequency.. try mixing with mutton broth and shreaded meat pieces.. try grated paneer mixed! mix with your own hands and watch how you puppys behaviour changes in a week.. btw I give N&D you can try that its the best you get in India without a doubt.. LOL at pedigree. good luck buddy and dont ever hit that puppy!
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2014-08-08T01:05:58+0530 08 Aug 2014 1:05 am
thank u for ur suggestion. i am using royal canine maxi junior mixed with egg and choostix taste maker. he seems to be bit more healthy now. neways i hope some day i can taper it down to the rc feed alone. tired of boiling eggs everyday for him... lol...
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