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My 50 days old Bonzo is a golden retriever and he is biting everywhere, help?

My 50 days old Bonzo is a golden retriever and he is biting everywhere. I know it is quite natural and we have got him his chewing calcium bones, but he doesn't seem to like them much. neither does he like his chewie toy. He is biting and nibbling our hands, and yesterday it seemed quite aggresive and out of control. I am new to being a mom of my pet and really need some help. How do I teach him not to bite? Saying no, yelping owch and all that does not seem to help at all. HELP ! :)
By Saswati Barat · 07 Aug 2012 7:06 pm


By Devashish Prakash · 28 Aug 2012 3:18 pm
Try Yelling 'OUCH' a little louder and walk away from him. Tell all the other members to do the same as well. The moment he responds and leaves to bite, appreciate by rewarding him.

Do not play with the his mouth or allow others to do so. Do not allow people to stick their hands into your pup’s mouth. At his age chewing is necessary for him. You just need to differentiate for him, what he can chew and what he cannot.

In any case do not stop from highlighting in above manner no matter multiple times a day.

Post 'Ouch' Offer chewie toy or try changing the same. Maybe he is not liking its appearance or size of the toy is not ok for him. Just ensure whatever you offer should not be large enough to avoid choking.

In case still above fails, while yelping, you grasp the loose skin on puppy’s neck. Give a firm but not violent shake and firmly say “No bite!” Release puppy and get him involved with a good toy / chewie. After a while, stop the shake and just use the verbal.
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By Navjot Singh · 01 Sep 2012 8:51 pm
The above method can be tried but in most cases this only provokes the puppy into further excitement to continue to bite. In fact, the basic rule of training young puppies is not to should while they exhibit bad behavior like climbing and biting. Thus, I'd suggest never to "yell" or shout at the dog while he tries to bite.
You first need to understand why do puppies bite? Puppies while teething tend to take objects in their mouth to soothe their aching teeth. Having known this reason now, you can now teach your puppy that while chewing is a good habbit, playing or biting with our skin is bad. Whenever your puppy tries to play with your hand, just stop playing with him and ignore him for a while. Come back and start playing with him and repeat this if he repeat this. This will make your puppy understand that what he does ( playing with your hand ) results in a bad outcome, ie your leaving the premises. He looses his playmate. As a puppy, he's going to absorb a lot things about whats good and whats bad.
As a puppy, a dog can learn very advance skills. You can teach him to sit, to lay down, to fetch, to roll, etc. If you want your dog to stop biting, then you need to keep him mentally stimulated. Train him to obey the above commands and he'll gradually forget biting. Always keep treats for him to chew ( healthy ones not full of preservatives ) and chew toys and encourage him to play with them by rewarding him. You reward him by loudly saying "good boy" and offering a good treat to devour!!
This is an era of positive enforcement of dog training and we don't encourage "grasping loose skin" as however done very carefully, this method is likely to hurt the puppy. Also your doing this will be perceived by the puppy as a further challenge and he's likely to come out with a more defensive mode and hence one is breeding another bad habit in the puppy.
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By Kuhu Basu · 17 Nov 2014 11:54 am
All the above are are correct methods. But if they fail, you can try giving him nerve soothing medicine. I have given my cocker spaniel puppy homeopathy medicine, Chamomile 30C, 2 to 3 times daily, depending on his behavior. And as homeopathy medicines do not have any side effect, unlike allopathy medicines, I was quite happy about it.
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