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I have a 5 months old GSD female; she has one bad habit that she shits in house, please help?

I have a 5 months old GSD female; she has one bad habit that she shits 4-5 times a day and second we take her out many times but she comes back does the shit where she sits. Anyone plz tell me how to make her shit outside and is she normal by doing it 4-5 times.
By AVYS · 07 Aug 2009 10:17 am


By Runni · 07 Aug 2009 10:43 am
Pups generally relieve themselves after each meal...so if she is eating 3-4 meals then going potty 4 times is ok. I guess that you got her recently...so now you need to potty & toilet train her...take her out after each meal, play session and after each nap...thats the time when she will like to go potty...dont take her out too frequently...she needs to understand that its toilet time when she is let out...
Also follow "earn a treat" method..this method is the best one to teach ur pup anything u want to teach..give her a treat as soon as she relieves herself at the proper place...this will encourage her to do the dirty business at the proper place...it worked with my pup...
Next you need to stop her from doing it at the wrong place...keep a watch on her...as soon as she starts to sniff & circle a place just pick her up & place her at proper toilet area...pups generally sniff 7 circle an area when they want to relieve themselves....though I dont know whether u can pick her up or not as i can no more pick my 5 mnth old pup up anymore, too heavy for me...
Scold her if she does it at the wrong place, but no hurting her...just a high pitch shout & then totally ignore her for couple of min., no play, no treat....at the same time praise her a lot, give treat when she goes potty at the right place...
All you have to do is to keep a constant watch & patient...she will learn soon....gsd is a very intelligent breed...they learn very quickly...best of luck
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By AVYS · 08 Aug 2009 10:17 am
thanks 4 the advice but the problem is that she releives herself at 1 o clock in the morning and again at 4 in the morning. i fed her at 8 in the night and waited till 12am but she didnt do it, then i got up at 2in the morning she had done it i cleaned up the place,again when i got up at 5 she had done it once more.i usually take her out for a walk in the morning at 5.30, and after every meal,in the day time she does it outside at the proper place but the problem is of night.
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By Runni · 08 Aug 2009 10:34 am
Well, pups do generally go potty in the morning....my pup also does it twice in the morning & once in evening...
So its normal for her to relieve herself twice in the morning..
If she is doing it in the proper place during day time then I guess she knows where to do it...but the problem is that when in the night she feels like doing it she cann't access her potty area...& because she is only a pup she cant hold it for long...
You will have to teach her either to wait till you get up or give some kind of signal so that you can get up & take her out....
Do you keep her chained at night?? Or put her in a puppy pen? I dont chain my pup at night, so when he feel like going potty or toilet he comes to me bed & start to lick my feet...thats the signal to let him out...He sleeps in my bedroom & knows very well that relieving in the bedroom is absolutely prohibited...but earlier when he used to sleep in the living room he used to relieve himself there without making any noise or something...I had to clean it up every morning...
I guess you can falso ollow this method...first let her know that some areas/rooms must not be made dirty...then keep het there in the night...otherwise get a puppy pen & do the same thing...teach her not to soil the pen & keep her there in the night...she will either hold herself or cry to get out if she feels like going potty...yes you will still have to get up & let her out...is cant be avoided atleast for the nxt 4-5 mnth...
hope this will help u..
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 Aug 2009 10:58 am
First and foremost, when she is dirtying inside how do you clean it. What generally happens is that the smell remains on the carpet or floor where she dirties and then she keeps going back to the same place as she gets the smell. Dogs like to dirty where they generally do as a habit. So when she dirty s scold her and clean it properly with detol water or get the places mopped with fenel.

Now some questions:

How many times are you feeding her and how many times is she dirtying. What do you feed her and how much

Where does she sleep at night is she kept open or tied. Where do you live and what is the temperature at night. Is her tool normal or is it kind of watery at night.

Get back and we should be able to solve your problem.

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