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Caravan Hound puppy is aggressive towards the stray dogs and young kids,why?

My 6 months old Caravan Hound puppy is aggressive towards the stray dogs and young kids.She starts barking and jumping and then crying trying to get away from the leash as soon as she spots a dog or a kid.This is making it difficult for me to take her out on daily walks.She is not aggressive towards anyone who comes at home,all that she will do is bark when she hears the doorbell.At home she obeys the basic commands that i have taught her like sit,stand,down,stay,leave it,but when out of the house she will not listen to any of these commands.Please suggest how can i correct her behaviour?
By Mahua Chakravarty · 21 Dec 2009 11:14 am


By gautam sawant · 27 Dec 2009 1:21 am
may be it is not much exposed to other dogs and kids
more training is required , contact a trainer , he should be able to help also read the blogs for dog training
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By Vitun · 06 Jan 2010 1:08 pm
Hello Mr . Chakravarty ... his is a behaviour problem Agrression Towrds other dog and kids . But B4 Correcting This Prob I Need to knw some question ... How Old is ur Dog? When U first Notice this Behaviour prob . How Do u Treat Ur Dog .? n How She Behaves inside n outside House ..? Looking Forwrd for reply

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yashkant gaur
By Mahua Chakravarty · Dog Kennel · 04 Jul 2014 10:35 am ·
yashkant gaur
By abhijeet tilekar · General · 11 Feb 2014 7:51 pm ·
yashkant gaur
By tracers · · 11 Sep 2012 9:26 pm ·
yashkant gaur
By Mahua Chakravarty · Adoption · 03 Feb 2012 12:15 pm ·
yashkant gaur
By Nasir Khan · Adoption · 08 Apr 2008 10:57 am ·

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