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6 weeks old Labrador puppy having Digestive issues, blood and mucus in stool. Help?

I got a labrador puppy a few days back. He was 5 weeks old (35 days). He was just being weaned but somehow I was not able to find the exact food which the breeder was giving him. I gave pedigree as there was no other option. i was able to get Royal Canin maxi starter a day later. But by the time the puppy started to have a tough time to defecate. I consulted a vet straight away and she suggested to give him 5ml of Duphalac. After that the puppy eliminated huge amount stool with lots of blood (nearly like a little faded tomato ketchup). I was shocked and took her to vet immidiately. The vet gave her a couple of intravenal injections, a saline drip and and an antibiotic drip. and asked me not to feed her anything for a day. She did fine and the stools started to become normal, there were varying amount of fresh or clotted or sometimes no blood on and off since then. Yesterday I found white streaks in her mucusy poop. Took her to vet again and she dewormed her and asked me to give metrogyl syrup 1 ml, 3 times a day. After deworming she passed out watery to exteremly watery stools with negligible amount of clotted blood. Today she had a slimy green color (she didnt eat grass) and very litly red streaks (possibly clotted blood) in her poop and then she did a poop with blood and small white dots/grains in it. I am extremely worried and have no idea whats going on with my pup. Please help!

2015-04-29T11:59:03+0530 29 Apr 2015 11:59 am


2015-04-29T12:37:29+0530 29 Apr 2015 12:37 pm
Hi Abhinav

We are sorry to hear about the health condition of your Labrador puppy. The puppy is too small to be weaned off her mother's milk. The ideal time to get a puppy is when they are at least 45 days old.

Pedigree is not ideal for small pups as their digestive system is not developed to digest the food. Puppy milk replacers are ideal for such small pups so that the transition from mother's milk to puppy food is easy on their stomach.

Please be patient and follow your doctor's advice with regards to the food and the medication. We wish your puppy a speedy recovery!

Team DogSpot

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2015-05-06T02:09:01+0530 06 May 2015 2:09 am
hi abhinav
try giving your puppy boiled and mashed pumpkin with rice twice a day atleast for 2 days.
make them into small balls and feed them as they wont eat it themselves.
it works great for both adult and puppies having a bad tummy day.
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2015-05-06T19:51:37+0530 06 May 2015 7:51 pm
I think your dog got a viral infection. probably a paro virus infection. get I touch with a good vet. avoid milk, give him a easy digestive food like cerlac, nestle milk power, pedigree puppy weening.give him Himalayan bonisum water 10 ml every night.
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By Shree Hari K 2015-05-25T16:55:03+0530 25 May 2015 4:55 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/6-weeks-old-labrador-puppy-having-digestive-issues-blood_1
Abhinav bro howz ur pupy now please update
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