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7 months old female GSD is she having some problem or its due to change in her place?

my 7 months old female GSD which i brought 1 week before is not at all active ,she just sleeps whole day,and never plays,never barks at the people who come home.is she having some problem or its due to change in her place.she has her meals happily.
By AVYS · 12 Aug 2009 10:12 am


By Runni · 12 Aug 2009 10:38 am
From your posts it seems that you adopted ur pup from somebody..is it true?? If so then its natural that she is feeling sad & confused....She is a bit grown up pup, so sudden change in the surrpunding including people is likely causing her mood upset...she is yet to relate herself to the new place..she may be also missing her old friends & owners.....dont push her, just let her relax...she like begin to recognise the new place & new people soon..give her the time...
She will bark & play as soon as she realizes that u are her new family...just feed her properly & keep an watch on her health...If there is no problem healthwise then she is just a little upset due to new environment...
Dont force her to play or bark..let her sleep, that will make her relaxed...make her a comfortable bed to sleep...place her bed at a corner away from all the noises & disturbences...put some toys at her bed....again dont push her to play with the toys...just leave them there...
Also try to spend some time with her, petting her, cuddling her, calling her name in an assured voice, make her feel good...give her treats every now & then...she must realize that u r happy when she is playing with u...in turn she will also learn to be happy when u are around...make her feel secured, she may be feeling insecured at a new place..in one word make her confortable & secured, she will start to love u soon
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By Dinkar Singh · 12 Aug 2009 10:48 am
Hey....dogs are also living things who have feelings etc. It takes time for your dog to get used to you and your family its not a robo who will do exactly what u want. Only when it gets love and affection from you will it repond to you and also protect you when it feels part of the family. Have you got her vet checked before buying. Any way fo 10 odd days and if she is still not active then get her checked by a good vet as she may be having some illness. have you got all her vacination done
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