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My7.5 month old fawn Lab's nose has turned slightly pink, why?

my 7.5 month old fawn lab's nose has turned slightly pink... wad cud b d reason for this? it was jet black before... n i have noticed dat its nt even moist as it used to b earlier... m goin to see his vet tommorrow...
By shreyank · 02 May 2010 8:17 pm


By Ansh · 02 May 2010 10:56 pm
This nose color change is called "snow nose" and usually happened at winter season or excessive use of air condition (very cold temp. For long time).
Also could be feeding bowl use.
Try to feed in steel bowl (for fooding and water), this may solve the problem. But if its genetic then dark black color regaining may be hard.
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By shreyank · 03 May 2010 9:45 am
hes fed in steel bowl only... n his nose was dark black earlier... n its not even moist nw...
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By Ansh · 03 May 2010 9:50 am
It happens, you can though ask vet. Try to feed him in "ceramic bowl" some dogs are allergic to steel at this age.
Though, don't use excessive A.C for long time. Keep at normal temp.
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By shreyank · 03 May 2010 1:37 pm
thanks ansh... his vet told me its bcoz he has a lil temperature.. il try feeding him in a ceramic bowl
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By Hemanshu · 03 May 2010 6:01 pm
This might be due to the genes your dog carriers and it may happen the recessive genes later and have pigmentation effect. I don't know if feeding in steel or ceramic bowl impacts the pigmentation. For more information you can ref.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Labrador_Retriever
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