My adult male German Spitz is becoming a street licker, please help?

My adult male German Spitz is becoming a street licker, licking mud, chuna, grit, and sometimes cow dung. What are the health-wise complications of such a habit? Any dog behavioral experts here? Vets and trainers can only do guess work on canine behavior. We give it isabgol mixed in Venky's Regale Premium everyday as well as Venky's Gutwell but to no avail. To check its habit I put a muzzle on its mouth when taking it for walks but it is very uncomfortable with the same and whines.
· 2011-07-26T23:43:16+0530 26 Jul 2011 11:43 pm


· 2011-07-27T11:32:18+0530 27 Jul 2011 11:32 am
deworm ELSE PICA Issue (add multivitamins )
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· 2011-07-28T17:57:45+0530 28 Jul 2011 5:57 pm
I agree with Anil. Your should attempt to deworm your dog.
He could be lacking nutrition as well. Try switching your brand of dog food to either Royal Canin or Hills Science Diet.
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· 2011-07-28T19:17:44+0530 28 Jul 2011 7:17 pm
I am same problem with my rottweiler. I am giving her Canobits... & alredy dewormed twice.
Should I dewormed her again?
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By gspal · 2011-11-14T02:09:43+0530 14 Nov 2011 2:09 am
Thanks Anil. However, near impossible to get it to swallow a multivite tab. Are multivites also available in powder form with canine taste? It likes only the yellow part of a boiled egg and leaves the white part. I am also deworming with Drontal Plus.

Secondly, Anil, do you know of any Vet in Lucknow also practicing in prescribing homeopathic medicines?
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By arvind singh · 2011-11-14T10:24:10+0530 14 Nov 2011 10:24 am
Hi Gspal, if he is unable to swallow or eat multivitamin tab, then you can try some multivitamin syrups like Verol & Pet spark etc.... also you can try multivitamin paste by Beaphar (name - duo actice....) but it is quite costly. I think you should go for multivitamin syrup. And give him some liver tonic as well like Liv 52 or Liv Aid (homeopathic). Also don't forget about calcium.
Try these & have patient for few days.... things will go fine...
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By gspal · 2011-11-14T14:22:16+0530 14 Nov 2011 2:22 pm
Thanks Arvind. I will ask my vet for multivitamin syrups without minerals. These Spitz can be very finicky with their food habits. Other than calling it a bad habit my vet has no other solution for dirt eating, but I think otherwise. All that grit comes out in its stool making it hard. It drinks lots of water and urinates copiously. The color of the urine is normal without much odor. It has no fur falling problems and is otherwise quite healthy. As per last blood test report, its serum calcium/sodium/phosphorous/pot assium/albumin/uric acid/urea/globulin together with glucose and bilirubin were all within normal range. Its stool test was also stated as normal. What I have heard is that checking vitamins via blood test is quite very expensive.

Also, I am still looking for a vet in Lucknow, U.P., who also practices imparting homeopathic medication.
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By arvind singh · 2011-11-14T14:26:33+0530 14 Nov 2011 2:26 pm
Gspal, if the condition of your dog is very poor then give me your number. I will call you when I will go to my Vet.... he is very qualified doctor... I am sure he can help you....
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By lila iyer · 2011-11-25T14:15:13+0530 25 Nov 2011 2:15 pm
Gspal, I can understand your desperation. My beagle, ( I lost him in Feb) once went for a freshly unloaded heap of cowdung right in the middle of 2 crossroads. He was too strong for me to pull away and so had his FILL. Oh, I cdnt hold my head up. That night, he got thoroughly purged. And after that, he never ate cow dung, tho his other street eating habits continued. No special medication or anything. So take heart.--lila
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By gspal · 2011-11-26T02:46:08+0530 26 Nov 2011 2:46 am
Thanks Lila. What I have researched on the net is of dogs have acidity problem. So it has some food to eat before stepping out for a walk. Now there is reduced street licking and I also deworm with Drontal Plus every three months in place of every six months. In place of its choke-cum-body collar I have put a shoulder harness so that it does not have trachea problems. I have read that small breeds have trachea problems and one must not use a choke collar. Mine is a medium sized German Spitz. The Spitz that I lost last Feb too passed away due to trachea problem and also due to severe reaction to a combo vaccine that crippled and blinded it for which the vets had no answer. Senior dogs must not be given vaccination. As for Royal Canine and Hill Science kibble the problem is of them using chemicals as preservative while Venky's preserves with natural antioxidants. I have changed my current Spitz to Venky's Regale Pup due to higher protein content and also because of smaller sized kibble. However, I am yet searching for mutivites in powder form with a canine flavour.
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By gspal · 2011-12-01T22:52:15+0530 01 Dec 2011 10:52 pm
With little help from the vets around here, I have been researching via the net on the cause of dogs going for pica and dung which is not necessarily a behavioral problem as made out by vets. The problem lies in pancreas insufficiency. Our Bozo had a traumatic injury of a gash in the right abdominal area when we found it. It had shown periodic signs of gross hematuria. This could have resulted in a multitude of problems including gastritis and high serum creatinine showing kidney problems and blood infection for which it was under treatment. However, what was missed in the blood tests other than KFT, LFT & Heme by the vet was checking level of pancreatic enzymes being proteases, lipase and amylase. Now this is what I will check in the next blood test that I had been differing for months. Until then I am giving it Digyton by Himalaya Animal Health. Read more about the above at s-article_url=Pancreatic-Insuf ficiency-in-Dogs&content_type= info&record_id=99.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 2011-12-01T22:57:51+0530 01 Dec 2011 10:57 pm
This test can be done in lucknow as a separate entity. Try Park pathology at Park Road , near Zoo. if renal issue, give him diet which has more liquid content. and add boncare tablet one in each meal.
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By gspal · 2011-12-02T12:30:45+0530 02 Dec 2011 12:30 pm
Thanks Anil. Bozo drinks hell of a lot of water during the day and also pees copiously. We are giving it Regale Puppy Kibble moistened in water along with home made paneer from Amul Taaza and some Amul Taaza milk. We add Venky's Gutwell and Isabgol to its feed. This kibble is smaller in size as compared to the adult one and has more protein. I wonder where Hills is available. They have something special for pancreatic enzymes. "Boncare" seems to be a herbal supplement. Who is the producer and where is it available? As per the last blood test its serum calcium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium and albumin were normal, though it was treated also for blood infection. Its thyroid function was normal as per first blood test report. Bozo also likes All4Pets chew sticks as it has cereals along with rawhide. Its third KFT, LFT and Heme test is overdue and I was thinking of adding pancreatic enzymes test with it too. Our vet gets these done from Idea Diagnostics, Jail Road, Bangla Bazar. However, I have noticed that after Digyton that we give 2 mL twice a day before meals while taking it out for walks, it is getting less and less interested in the pica e.g. "gitty" though to check I keep taking it to a pile of them. Has anyone heard of Drool kibble made by Indian Broiler (IB). According to our vet who tries to promote it says it has high fat content and dogs love it. I am very skeptical of new brands (having written off Pedigree and associates under Mars/Waltham) especially with high fat content as it may result in high triglycerides in not so active dogs. Most of the vets in Lucknow seem to be cow and buffalo specialists having experience in State run animal husbandry department and not canine or feline specialist. Bozo now does not cough or choke after a spell of barking as I have redesigned its collar to a shoulder harness and, thereby, doing away from those choke collars which may be harmful for small breeds especially Spitz having tendency of trachea collapse or/and esophageal dysphagia.
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By arvind singh · 2011-12-02T12:40:13+0530 02 Dec 2011 12:40 pm
As per my knowlegde, Drools is not a good food & the Regale Pup, which you are already using, is a very good dog food.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 2011-12-02T14:19:14+0530 02 Dec 2011 2:19 pm
Drools has some complex feature. It mentions content as chicken but the stool produced looks like of red meat as its dark. Maybe they use organs a lot which is high in Vit A and causes dark stool. Not suggestable for CRF canines. Best option is to give half dry feed moist with home made diet. Since CRF has practically no treatment, but can increase the life by some simple methods.Would suggest to contact They seems expert
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By gspal · 2011-12-11T00:26:55+0530 11 Dec 2011 12:26 am
Dear Dr.Sri krishna Mishr and Anil:

"First of all could you please tell me the problem your dog currently have. As you said your dog is just three years old. Without getting the actual indication i can not leave or suggest anything. If you talk about HD TABLETS then i will say it cantains the best formulated ingredienst for joit support. Will talk in detail once you tell the indication. Ok.see you soon.
Take care" dog-joint-problems/

While standing still my Bozo, a short statured German adult white Spitz has a bend in his hind legs to the extent that the portion from the upper thigh to hock become parallel to the ground. It picks its leg somewhat straight but not all the way when walking. The posture of the legs is somewhat like the hind legs of a German Shepherd.

Other than the above its lab values as of Dec 3 give its health picture:

Hemoglobin 14.2 g/dl
TLC (WBC) 9700 Cu/mm
PCV (Hematocrit) 42 cc%
Platelets 1.72 la/cu mm
RBC 4.66 Mill/cu/mm
MCV 90.12 f1
MCH 30.47 pg
MCHC 33.8%
Polymorphs 66%
Lymphocytes 19%
Monocytes 4%
Eosinophiles 11%
Basophils 0%
Random Glucose 122 mg/dl
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) *21.96 mg/dl
Serum Urea 47 mg/dl
Serum creatinine 1.82 mg/dl
Serum uric acid 3.19 mg/dl
Serum Amylase 79 U/l
Serum Lipase 14 U/l
Serum Total Proteins 7.24 g/dl
Serum Albumin 3.5 g/dl
Serum Globulin 3.74 g/dl
Serum Sodium 136 mEq/l
Serum Potassium 3.69 mEq/l
Serum Calcium 8.77 mg/dl
Serum Phos 3.63 mg/dl
Serum Billirubin (Total) 0.43 mg/dl
Serum Billirubin (Direct) 0.1 mg/dl
Serum Billirubin (Indirect) 0.33 mg/dl
SGOT 58 IU/l
SGPT 76 IU/l
Serum Alk Phos 123 IU/l
Albumin Globulin Ratio 0.93
Body weight 8 kg

* BUN calculated as Serum Urea/2.14

Colour Light Yellow
SG 1.030
Ph 6
Albumin 30 mg
Sugar, ketone, bile salts,
bile pigments, urobilogen Absent

Epithelial cells 0-1
Pus Cells 1-2
RBCs 20-30
Crystals Absent

Now the vet wants a whole abdominal ultrasound done with concentration on kidneys. Will this show the functionality of the kidneys and other organs including urinary track or would this need a contrast administration which I have read is poison for dogs? Or will the ultrasound just show the size and structure of area scanned? The vet advises intravenous fluid administration to cleanse the system of waste. Is this like dialysis? If so then it would need to be administered regularly. Diet would need to be changed to lower quantity but of high quality of protein, phosphorous, calcium, etc. Seems to me allopathic medicine has no cure for failing/dysfunctional kidneys and only treating subjective problems as and when they arise. Whatever allopathic drugs may be given at this stage could have repercussions elsewhere in the body adding to BUN or/and uric acid for which continuous I.V. flushing would be required. This would go on for the rest of the life of Bozo. Too time demanding and too damn expensive procedure. What is your view on homeopathy or herbal medications that have no side effects and I have read help kidney to become near to normal in functionality? https://www.holisticanimalmedi c .php?article=19. Due to increasing creatinine levels, Bozo experiences esophageal acidity for which the vet has advised Aciloc/Zintac/Rantac 150 mg 1/2 tab b.i.d. before meals which we have started. For liver and expected anemia (high RBCs in urine) advised Liv 52 tabs/Livoferol Pet liquid.

It stopped pica eating about three days back after a deworming tab of Easypet. We will continue this every three months.

It is currently on Regale Pet (Venky’s uses natural antioxidants as preservative) as the kibble is smaller in size compared Regale Adult by then the former has higher protein content. The kibble is mixed with some water for easy digestion as advised by Anil. Kibble is just one or at the most two meals a day. We also give some Amul Taaza milk, its home extracted paneer mixed with Isabgol and a small chapatti mashed into the same. In the evening before the kibble it has only the yolk of a boiled egg. It does not like the white portion; all the better as it would control direct albumin intake. I have heard Hills has a renal diet. So does Royal Canin but then would like to keep away from Mars products as they use chemical preservatives.
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