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Can anybody tell me how to teach my dog to attack/speak/growl on command ?

After a recent incident I have realized that my dog needs to scare strangers on command that are a threat to me or my husband . On normal days he tends to go after strangers on cycles/bikes , children & other pedigree dog but when really required all he does is ignore !! Can anybody tell me how to teach my dog to attack/speak/growl on command ? He is an 1.2 yr old Indian dog .
By DoggieDawg · 17 Jul 2009 11:44 am


By Dinkar Singh · 17 Jul 2009 5:53 pm
I dont think you can teach him the commands you mentioned as they are generally taught when young. But I am sure he will bark and warn you of any danger and even come to your rescue when really required. Dogs have that sense and Indian dogs are the best warning bells better than some pedigree dogs also.

Try keeping him in your house or compound and do not let him loose like you have been doing, it should help.
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By DoggieDawg · 17 Jul 2009 10:49 pm
hi Kasmanda , he doesn't even bother to get up from his bed when the door bell rings let alone bark if a strange enters the house !! We had adopted him off the streets when he was about 6 months old , so maybe he things everybody on the street is good - this is just a thought .
Rocky is very much a house pet . We always leash him for walks and never when he is inside the house.
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By Dinkar Singh · 18 Jul 2009 9:48 am
I guess there is not much you can do, may be get another pup, younger age about 2 months from a shelter and that will help or get a small breed dog which may also help.....but again may and may not work.
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By bishwadeep chatterjee · 18 Jul 2009 11:15 am
He has discovered (to his delight) that he's getting a lot of importance in all of the above activities. Chasing like you have mentioned above is a game for him. He is not doing it with the intention of guarding - for him its a game. It is normal for dogs to chase cars, bikes, cycles...he needs to be distracted so that there are no accidents.
Also a dog is considered fully grown up around 2-years of age. So that 'maturity' will evolve gradually. He will-over a period of time learn of your likes or dislikes towards things and people. There are certain types of people he will 'allow' into the house, like your friends and your maid or domestic and there are some he wont...possibly your milkman, paper-wala, plumber etc. An acquaintance of yours who has recently turned hostile will still be viewed as 'friend' by your dog unless he does something drastic that startles or frightens or upsets him.
He will protect you as a member of your pack eventually....that's the beauty of dogs. Please dont expect him to handcuff the villain and hand him over to the cops...he is there to warn you and strangers will automatically get deterred.
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By ANANTH · 18 Jul 2009 9:10 pm
hi, this problem often met by many people. Do one thing, put your dog in cage, where he can't see anybody apart from your family members. Feed him, give a bowl of water in his cage itself. Allow him outside for few hours daily for paly or take a walk with you for half an hour. It will increase a bond with you and it helps him to more possessive against his beloved persons or belongings. it is the technique to make him more protective dog. play with him, this will help to be a family member; that is a PACK, is nature of dogs, where he do in WILD. Do this for some 3 to 4 months, then you really see the difference in your dog's behaviour. Don't allow any outsiders to feed him or play with him; it's highly important. see you....
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By Dinkar Singh · 21 Jul 2009 10:50 am
Changing behaviour of dogs from docile to aggressive is not recommend specially by caging or tieing up a dog which is cruel and not good at all. yes he should not be fed by strangers.

What you can do is try and make him excited so that he barks say speak when he barks and then praise him when he barks and may be give him a treat. It will take time and patience but can work at this age also. But do not over do it and do it just for a little while each day. All The Best.

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By Ashvina.D.Bativala · 24 Jul 2009 7:09 am
You dont need to bother when there is real danger this do will without you even realising it attack & protect you.
I have a street dog & uptill now was very calm & would go wagging his tail to everybody, but just a few days back my dad was all alone in the house, & some sales man came at the gate to show something to my dad & my father refused & told him to go away, this man insisted & would not budge & after sometime opened the gate & came upto my dad & demanded that now my dad should buy his stuff, all this while my Benji was in the house snoring away on our bed. This sales man, when my dad refused & threatened to shout for help almost hit my dad,& then my little beta Benji realising that something was not right came running & actually jumped on this man & attacked him this fellow had no time to react. My dad just could not believe what happened.He called the neighbours for help, but this fellow was so scared that he actually jumped the gate & ran.
I told you about this incident to just show you that these darling dont need to be taught anything they are so indebted to us for giving the a home & our love that they will give anything to protect us. I have two dogs one Indian Pariah, Benji & the second Tibaten Terrier Elsa, both are very protective but Benji will attack not bite but attack & protest & my Elsa will bark herself sore & wake up the whole neighbourhood.
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By Runni · 25 Jul 2009 9:44 am
Well, I faced the same problem with my indian dog. I adopted her when she was around 4 months. She never barked when the door bell rang, never bothered to look when the door is opened. To her everybody was friend. And eventually she happily went away with a stranger!!! I guess to her everybody eds good as she spent 1st 4 months of her age with outsiders. Actually she was really cute as a pup & everybody in my neighbourhood used to love her & feed her. So she used to take everyone as a friend.
But this is not the case with my gsd pup. He started to bark at strangers from the age of 3 months. And at the age of 5 month he is already a good watch & guard dog. Nobody dears to even enter the garden, let alone entering the house premise. No salesman, no children ringing the doorbell, thanx to my gsd. I never taught him this, no "speak" command. I treat him the same way I used to treat my indian dog. I dont know why he is so protective but my indian dog was not!!
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By Dinkar Singh · 25 Jul 2009 9:54 am
GSD is a mutli utility dog and one of its traits is guarding which is there in all if not most Sheperd breeds, that is to guard their flock and that is why they were bred to drive flock that is sheep and also guard them against wolves etc. Were as our Indian dog was not bred or used for such things and hence it is not there in them although I find Indian dogs the best watch dogs. At my farm they are the first to get up and bark if someone enters my walled in farm which is huge and then the others peak up.
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By Vishtaspa Irani · 26 Jul 2009 9:06 pm
Its a very common problem which usually dog owners have. its quite late for ur dog to b aggressive towards strangers now.it shudve been done at a very early age i.e. at 1 month or so.
wat 1 can do is he shud not allow any1 to touch his dog.dont let d dog play with any human or any other animal if u want it to b aggressive. however,this will make ur dog aggressive to u but in reality it is so bcos it will b scared of strangers.
a dog that is not aggressive is also always alert.though he doesnt get up wen some1 rings or even wen some1 comes in d house he is always alert.he is calm only bcos he is confident in himself to tackle any situation that seems harmful to him or his beloved or his property. he will bark and growl and even go for a fight wen he thinks is necessary.
secondly, u shud remember that just as all individuals have diff characteristics so do all dogs. some are aggressive while others r playful,some r active while some r lazy, and so on.its just d way ur dog is and u shud accept him and love him full-heartedly d way they r just as they accept and love u whole-heartedly d way u r.
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By Kamzys Boxers · 28 Jul 2009 10:13 am
Best guard dog as per my knowledge would be a Rottweiler / Doberman - If you train them from a very young age, they would be awesome guard dogs & would let any intruder inside the house. Well in contrary to my statement, i have 4 boxers, 2 dogs & 2 bitches. They are so dam alert that if any one outside touches our gate, they alert the entire house. One of female gets very aggresive as well. I feel even boxers can be excellent guard dogs when you challenge them.
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By Dinkar Singh · 28 Jul 2009 10:48 am
Please be sure if you want a guard dog or a watch dog they are two different types of dogs, and also any big dog must be properly trained and obedient at all times. Only experienced dog owners should get guard dogs such as Rottweilers and dobermans.
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