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At what age Obidence Training should be started and up to what age such training is required ?

At what age Obidence Training should be started and up to what age such training is required ? What is the difference between SHOW DOG TRAINING and Obidence training??
By ruchi · 18 Jan 2011 12:41 pm


By Arpit · 18 Jan 2011 2:37 pm
there is nothing called as show dog training
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By ruchi · 18 Jan 2011 3:52 pm
trainners who train dogs to participate in shows are imparting what kind of training than?????
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 18 Jan 2011 4:48 pm
As far as i understand show dog training is one which talks about walking of dog, i.e. training given to dog to walk in show. Obedience training has various levels starts from basic obedience training like sit, stay, down, release, fetch and it goes to advance schuzuand /K9.
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By ruchi · 18 Jan 2011 5:01 pm
kindly tell me at what age obidence training is to be started
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By Arpit · 18 Jan 2011 5:05 pm
obdience training should start ideally at an age of 5 months but better late than never. Also walking with the leash is taught in obedience training hence ob trng covers the dog show training also
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By Rana Atheya · 18 Jan 2011 5:33 pm
As per my understanding there are three types of dog shows
1. Obedience
2. Agility
3. Confirmation (Breed Show)

I believe all three of them need training. Show training can be easiest one however it is a lot more than just making the dog walk. I would agree that 4-5 months is a good age to start training at.
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By Amitava Mukherjee · 18 Jan 2011 11:38 pm
No training is easy. Only difference is breed show training can be a part of obedience training because in both the types the dog has to obey his trainer. In breed show a dog has to trot and the handler has to stack the dog. Whereas in obedience is a vast concept where there are several steps like heeling (with and without leash), sit stay, down stay, distance control, fetching, sniffing etc. These are the different acts that a dog has to perform in any obedience show which is under KCI. Schutzund is the ultimate dog game in the world.
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By Dinkar Singh · 19 Jan 2011 10:15 am
In my view:

Training in general which is basic obedience can be started at 2 months of age onwards. It is better to start early as it is easier to train with food being the main motivating factor. There is no age limit to training. It will also depend on the breed. Some are easily trainable breeders and some may require reinforcing of what they have learnt at different stages of their life and also it depends on individual dogs itself.

In general you train till your dog has learnt all the commands you want him or her to know and which will help you in your everyday life.

Basic Obedience training is like what it suggests, basic commands like sit, down, come, no, stay, etc. Which are very important in your day to day life while living with your dog.

On the otherhand show training involves commands a dog is taught in order to show off its body and be compared to the breed standards by a judge. For that a dog has to be trained to stand still while the judge feels his or her body to see if it is built properly as per the breed standard, the dog has to allow the handler or judge to see its teeth, and finally the dog has to move in a particular way (mostly trot) once again for the judge to see if its movement is ok. Here the dog is not required to sit, come, etc.

Hope I have been able to explain the above briefly and in simple words.
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By Gurdeep singh · 15 Mar 2011 7:14 am
hi frends i was new in this field until i buy a dog on last dec and it is labrador male . he is very cute and i was trained him when he is only of 1&1/2 months 1st training was his name ....take his name a lot of time 1 day u will see the result...and when he was 2 month old i start another training like sit ,down,eat(until i say),bark,come here,stay here,stand,no,and some more basic...but there are a lot of more is remaining...
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By sindhoor · 01 Apr 2011 12:52 pm
Basic obedience training starts at home as soon as you bring your puppy home. These include:
- toilet training
- responding to his name and come command
- bite inhibition (not biting humans)
- understanding praise and discouragement (good boy, no, bad boy)
- greeting visitors

You can also start loose leash walking training early on, since in cities, little puppies will have to get on the leash quite early.

More advanced training is usually done by trainers. They might require your puppy to get out of the house. This should not be done till your little fellow has had all his vaccines. Hence trainers usually start after 4 months. But if you want to train him yourself, you could start sooner. I started training my puppy with simple commands like sit and down, as early as 3 months. In advanced training you should ideally look to cover:
- Good command over loose leash walking
- Commands: Sit, down, down-stay, rest or relax (this is in case you take your dog to public places)
- Behaviour around children

Also, after 4 months start socializing your dog. He has to learn how to behave with other people, children, dogs of all sizes in several different environments. These environments should include, but not limited to grooming sessions, vet visits, parks, friends houses, crowded streets, roads with vehicles in it, and around construction sites
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