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My Puppy has stopped eating and drinking, please help?

Hi all..a friend of mine found a male puppy and gave it to me. It does not belong to any breed. For the last 3-4 days he has stopped eating and drinking. I consulted a vet and he said that the puppy has got scared after hearing firecrackers[which is true] during Diwali celebrations. It does not drink milk nor has any food. since 2 days we have been giving him Glucose water. Also one main thing is that it is shivering the whole day. It was very agile a week back. Now it does not respond to anything. Please help. Also one more thing we have not given any vaccination so far. We are doing it after it gets well.
By Prasanna · 26 Oct 2009 4:12 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 26 Oct 2009 5:58 pm
Show him to another good vet getting scared is one thing and not eating for such a long time is another.
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By Siddhaant Trivedi · 27 Oct 2009 4:53 pm
@Prasana : Hey man ,

First up i really respect people who have the courage to take up a mixed breed or adopt a street dog as a pet. u get many blessings for providing shelter to someone who might have got killed or have been prayed upon.

now for ur problem i 10001% agree with u that ur dog wud have got scared of crackers on diwali n stoped eating.
thane same happened with my bernard and basset but but but" they started eating the other day"

now there are lots n lots of reason for this ...as ur sayin that the problem presists from 3- 4 days u shud immediatly consult a vet n get ur pup chckd. giving glucose water wont be sufficent. its ok at the time of sever crisis but inti choti baat mein nahi........ u might try giving him boiled egg ( only 1 for start) or boiled chicken liver (few peices)if possible. try starting with it...

( now here opinions may differ)but according to me n many fellow breeders i knw ,dogs are not vegetarians , its us who force veg foods on them...im not talking about the mother milk ok.. but u shud always give ur dogs some nonveg if possible as thats their real diet... after all they have descended from wolves , & my dear wolves don eat milk n roti or bread or daliya.....!!!!!!!

U shud also deworm ur dog as soon as he starts eating..believe me there are many problems cosed due to the worms... lekin hum log is choti si baat ko undekha kar dete hai aksar...

i hope ths answer wud haf quenched ur thirst feel free to ask nythn more...
Regards ,
Siddhaant Trivedi .
Owner of Dvijatmankennel.
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yashkant gaur
By Sudheer · Others · 18 Nov 2011 9:57 am ·

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