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Labrador and Golden retriever, which dog breed is better?

Hi all... As you know i have previously thought of having a GSD. But on advise decided not to go as I am staying in a 2bhk apartment. I thought I would go for the same when i have a bigger house...but it looks like i just want to have a pet badly :) so i thought about it, talked to friends with pets and have shortlisted- Labrador and Golden retriever. I have talked to a couple of breeders as well and they suggested that these breeds adapt well in apartments provided that they have a good workout/walk/exercise twice a day. Kindly give me your opinion as to which one will suit better.
By Neil · 26 Oct 2009 8:23 am


By Dinkar Singh · 26 Oct 2009 9:26 am
You have been rightly advised most large breeds adapt well to apartments, as long as they are provided daily exercise and a run outside in a secured park etc. If you are will to provide atleast 1 hrs walk and exercise twice a day you can go for a gsd, lab or golden.

They all have their own characteristics and requirements for example gsd and golden will require regular brushing as they have longer hair/ coat where as the lab less, but the basic taking care of brushing walking, exercise, good food, etc will be required for all these dogs.

Again it is not advisable to rush into things or do impulse buying as its a long commitments and as advised earlier on in this website calmly think abt the responsibility and only then go ahead.

PS: dogs do not like to be left alone and can get destructive and or if locked up can get very ferocious and aggressive even with owners. As suggested earlier try getting a friends dog and keep it for atleast 10 days to see if u r upto it for keeping a dog of ur own, plus puppies need for time and care.
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By Neil · 26 Oct 2009 10:23 pm
u r right on point...i dont want to rush into anything coz I knw it is a matter of great responsibility to have a pet...especially dogs like gsd/lab/golden rets. thats y i hv spoken to breeders n friends. i wish i cld ask them to give me a puppy for couple of days, but thats not possible at the moment..so wht i do is i visit my friends over the weekends when they are free n talk n try to have an experience of having a pet around u in the house.
its a great feeling n i vl have it soon...without rushing into it.
thanksfully my job will giveme enough time to share with my pet so thats y i m keen to buy in a month or two.
i will be visiting a couple of kennels/breeders in an around mumbai/pune/gujrat/bangalore.
please suggest me a reputed one which i can talk to.
thanks for the advise!!
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By Shalin · 13 Feb 2010 7:43 pm
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By Neil · 15 Feb 2010 7:35 am
thanks for the advise...i have already narrowed down on this breed. it is calm friendly and an apt choice for apartment. i will b having one soon.
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