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Can anybody please suggest what I should do to decrease the dryness of my GSD skin?

Hi All, Can anybody please suggest what I should do to decrease the dryness of my pup's skin? He is 2.5 month old (GSD) and has a very dry skin with flakes. His coat is very dry & rough, specilly in the areas around his tail joint. He is having fleas also. But there is no tick.
By Runni · 12 May 2009 11:06 am


By Dinkar Singh · 15 May 2009 10:03 am
Consult a good vet. Hope you have not been giving your pup baths. If the vet clears it of any infestion etc. Then you can apply some coconut oil very little may be a few drops in a mug of water and then just wipe the pup all over.

I think you had asked questions earlier also but are not following the advise.
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By Runni · 15 May 2009 10:11 am
Vet cleared him of any infections. I wipped him once as adviced by you earlier with a wet towel as he was so dirty. But that only made his coat even drier. His coat was not dry when I got him, but eventually it became dry.
I did mix some coconut oil with water while I was wipping him, but that made his coat sticky resulting in more dirt uptake.
I am not trying any medicine to get rid of the fleas except trying to manually removing them. But as I said earlier that catching hold of my pup is much tougher than catching hold of the fleas!
I just want to know what should I do to improve his coat conditions.
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By Dinkar Singh · 15 May 2009 10:43 am
Wiping the coat with a drop or two of detol in a mug of water should not make the coat sticky. Plus you had to just wipe the coat so that all the dust etc would stick to the towel and come off not rub it on the skin etc. As for the oil it should be like a drop or two in a mug of water, not more. What are you feeding the pup. May be the diet needs to be changed, plus are you giving plenty of water to the pup to drink.

Once again consult another vet as without seeing I cannot suggest anything else, or contact the breeder and ask him also.
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By Runni · 15 May 2009 10:49 am
I asked the breeder, he also suggested adding coconut oil to the water.
I am feeding him Pedigree(wet) as well as a vitamin supplement. My previous dog (a labra mix) developed a shiny & smooth coat after I started feeding her Pedigree. But this time his coat is not improving. May be I need to change his diet. Can you suggest any good supplement or diet that will improve his coat. I can cook food for him if required.
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By Dinkar Singh · 15 May 2009 11:06 am
Frankly speaking I do not like pedigree at all, although it is the cheapest food available. The best one I like is Royal Canin and it has different types of food based of the age group and size of the dog breed. For example Gaint puppy, gaint Junior, and gaint adult, which I have used and have been very happy. Even the food when you see is a bit moist or oily and is very good. I think now there is one just for GSD's also availabe. Please see the age and type and then purchase and feed. But the supply can be an issue and hence I am currently using Eukanoba and that too is ok. But does not have the variety as Royal Canin.

Food and suppliments play a very important role is any young and adult dog. So later you can shift back to feeding half pedigree mixed with the one of the above two foods mentioned. But for now feed the good ones mentioned by me. As for the suppliments you need to feed vitamins and calcium, the quantity has to be right and not too much hence once again consult your breeder otherwise the vet, as I am not a GSD person.

Also remember that all dry food should be mixed with a little water when feeding a pup so that it does not get dehydrated plus plenty of clean fresh water should available for drinking. All the best.

In case you find the packed food expensive then I will suggest that you shift to desi food for a while and see. The preparation I have mentioned earlier so please check in the questions or forum section.
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By Runni · 15 May 2009 11:11 am
Thanx for your advice. but the problem is none of the brands are available here, I checked all stores.
Yes, I am seriously thinking of trying home made food & right now collectinh recipes.
The supplement was recommended by both breeder & vet, so I guess there is no problem with that.
Lets see how desi food turns out.
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By Praniti · 19 May 2009 1:03 am
Hey Retina! :)

Ask your vet if your can give him a bath. Its better to be safe now rather than being flea infested which can cause further diseases.

Pedigree is not a good food brand. Globally, its rated as one of the poorest. Even Royal Canin is considered just moderate but that is the best option we have in India as of now.

At 2.5 months, you should gradually be moving from dry food mixed in water to only dry food.

To deal with dry skin, yo could try giving your pup fish oil capsules (easily found at any chemist) or add a small spoon of olive oil to his diet.

I was too scared about cooking for my pup since all over the net most of the info. said that one can't provide a balanced homemade diet and blah blah. After searching for months and learning bit by bit, I have finally figured out how to cook for my pup. He gets 1 meal Royal canin and 1 meal homemade. A dog cannot develop well on the same food as humans and hence needs a different diet which isn't such a big deal really!
If you need any help regarding home-cooking, drop me a mail at pranitimaini@gmail.com. :)

PS: I am not an expert nor do i claim to be one but I love dogs and reading/learning about them. :)
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By Runni · 19 May 2009 11:17 am
Thanx Praniti...
I have already started to cook for my pup...I did a lot of googling & collected some good recipies..
I am still in trial-&-error stage, trying to find out the recipies liked by my pup. I also never liked Pedigree a lot, but we dont have an option here as no other brand is available.
My pups coat has improved a bit, atleast flakes are no more there. May be becuase I mixed a few drops of coconut oil with water before wipping him. Or may be becuase I introduced fish in his diet. But yes, I am yet to find out a remedy for the fleas. If you know any natural remedy for fleas please let me know. I dont want to use chemicals right now.
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By Praniti · 20 May 2009 3:18 am
Heya! :)

Good to hear about the improvement in your pup's coat.

As far a natural remedies go, I use a bit of garlic mixed in the food itself. However, if you go through a google search there will be zillions of debates on garlic for dogs, some stating its toxic and others stating the opposite! I've been mixing about a tsp of garlic since the past 6-7 months (my cocker turns 1 year today! :D) and I've never seen a flea on him .. maybe it works or maybe its luck!

Another option that I've heard of being successful are yeast tablets. However, I haven't tried these yet.

And yes, you are right to not use chemicals at this age but do consult your vet whenever you take him for his shots.
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By Runni · 20 May 2009 9:07 am
Oh gr8! Happy Birthday to your Cocker...
Yes, there are lots of debate about garlic. Nobody is certain about its effects. So I think there is no harm in giving it a try!!
I will talk to my vet if my pup needs any chemical or medicine to treat fleas.
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By Vishtaspa Irani · 04 Jun 2009 1:42 am
this is a very common infection in puppies.it happens in this age if the pup has been seperated frm its mother soon & thus his mother doesnt get enough time to clean it up.dont worry at all.
buy a 2 sided brush(one side with soft black hair & the other with the steel ones) abd brush him 3-4 times during the day.u can also remove them with ur hands.after 1 or max 1.5 month those flakes will go away themselves.remember not to over do the brushing or taking the flakes out with ur hands too much.it will go away naturally.
as for the fleas u can use freedom or protector spray as instructed on the pack.in just a few min the fleas will start dying and dropping out or coming on the outer part of his fur.clean them off.dont bath ur pup or give him a sponge bath for the next 15 days.later u can give him a sponge bath with warm water and dettol mi.
dont worry about the dryness.after the flakes reduce or disappear apply efaderm cream once a day,preferrably during the afternoon.
this should b d best treatment ur dog can get at this age.
hope u will find this info useful.
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By Runni · 04 Jun 2009 9:19 am
Thanx Vispi...My pup is 3 month old now and his flakes are gone. His coat has improved too. I will try to get the spray mentioned by you. I do give him sponge bath with warm water+detol. He is still having fleas butthankfully the population has reduced though I dont know why!
I tried to brush him once but he preferred to chew the brush rather than allowing me to groom him! So I just kind of groom him by hands.
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By Vishtaspa Irani · 13 Jun 2009 1:22 am
ur most welcome.even my pup was doing the same.get him used to the brushing so dat wen he is grown up u can easily groom him and keep his fur more lively and shinier.i'll give u a tip.
wat u can do is play with him or take him on a walk till he becomes really tired and then just as he is going to sleep first brush him with ur hand,then slowly hold his face and get on the brush.after a few days he will allow u to use the brush but sometimes in a playful mood he would still take it in his mouth, so dat u play some more time with him.
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By Agam Prabhakar · 14 Jun 2009 2:37 pm
best way is to give him evion (vit E capsule) consult your vet. Strange he hasnt suggested already. Give him Evion 600 IU once every 2nd day. See the results in 15days.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 15 Jun 2009 11:09 am
Evion is really great. Also give him a boiled egg once a day. If non-veg add meat to his deit and see result.
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By Runni · 06 Jul 2009 12:23 pm
Thanx a lot for all the suggestions. My pup is esting meat & eggs at a regular basis along with some veggies & pulses. His coat is no more dry or flaky. His coat is now thick, long & free of knotts. I am brushing him twice a week.
But the main problem is FLEAS. They somehow always manage to come back!! Can garlic be used as to control fleas? If so, then should I use raw garlic or add it to the food before cooking?
I was also wondering how to give bones to my pup, I mean if I dont want to give raw bones then is there any other way to add the useful nutrients of bones to his food? Which bone is better - chicken or mutton?
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By Warren Chang · 06 Jul 2009 2:10 pm
I am a fan of frontline spot on. Although expensive it does wonders.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 06 Jul 2009 2:42 pm
add crushed garlic, chicken raw bone is good n soft..
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By Agam Prabhakar · 06 Jul 2009 4:27 pm
one drop of eucalyptus oil between the shoulder blades on the skin will take care of flea and ticks.
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By Dinkar Singh · 06 Jul 2009 5:14 pm
Retina.......never give your dog any bird bones/ chicken bones, they are brittle and can get stuck in your dogs throat and cause other problems also. Mutton bones are nice but I dont like them as it can get messy and also the dog can smell. Best would be hide bones, but they too can get messy. I also like and use small cricket bats or bigger bats depending on the age of the dog. Have been very happy with it. My only caution/ advise will be that give it in intervals and not for the whole day or so. Or when he does something as per your instructions, then as a treat and take it back after some time.

Some of the above regarding garlic is ok. But personally I would recommend that you reduce the non veg feed for a little while and use frontline if it can be used on a pup. But by now your pup should be quite old. Like i have mentioned earlier his or her surroundings also have to be throughly cleaned. A good idea would be vacum clean and wash the entire area/ house. Fleas only come on the dog to feed and the rest of the time spend on furniture, cushion, beds etc. Chuck the vacum cleaner bag far away. Ask your vet there is a very good strong liquid which is supposed to be mixed with water. It is basically used for dogs with mange or skin problem. I had used it ages ago. It can also be used for fleas. But keep in mind it is a very strong medicine and should be used with caution. The reason why they come back is because you have not cleaned your house completely. Untill you dont do it they will keep coming back to feed on your dog.

All the best.

PS: If you want take your dog out for a day or so and get your entire house flited. There used to be this bagon spray for mosquitoes etc quite some time back your parents would know of it. Keep the house closed after spraying for an hour or so. Spray in all the corners and cracks possible.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 06 Jul 2009 6:24 pm
They are brittle when BOILED.
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