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Can anyone suggest any agent who can help in importing a dog into india ?

Hi All, Can anyone suggest any agent who can help in importing a dog into india ? or otherwise what are the formalities to be completed before importing a dog, like import licence etc and also what will be the anticipated cost of importing a GSD pup of good lineage.
By stormz · 18 Nov 2009 4:36 pm


By Ravinder · 19 Nov 2009 9:57 am
Many breeders(across the globe) sell their pups at pedigreedatabase.com, pup and adult dogs.
If I were to import a dog, i would import an adult who has a credable title, that way i'd know its a proven specimen of its breed; bescides its harder for a puppy to make that trip in a crate.
Bescides the adults at sale are trained, one can find a schutzhund or tracking trained gsd (one needs to be a handler of equal expertise)... or just an adult dog with little training.

Tho I have no idea on import regulations/ customs fee n so forth. Price of the dog depends on his titles, training & age, can cost between 1000 to 3000 us$
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By Dinkar Singh · 22 Nov 2009 5:50 pm
I agree with Ravinder regarding getting an adult. For various reasons. Otherwise in India there are good GSDs available and much cheaper.

As for importing it is always better to go and pick up a pup from where ever yourself as then you know what you are buying plus less hassles. I just imported a pup, but this time via cargo and it took well over 7 hrs release the pup and another 8 odd hours to get some other paper work done. It was a night mare even though I had people work for me. The paper work is also much more as compared to getting a dog with you.
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