My old yellow fawn Lab itches a lot, help?

hi all, i have 3 year old yellow /fawn lab only one problem i have he itches a lot i have tired everything on him from cissaflux to micodine . Also tried several ayurvedic treatments but none is effecting at all. Also he licks a lot his private parts i dont understand what it is . please help me out here. On my visit to vet he always give me new kind of shampoo. i am very confused. For his itching in ears i have given him otrel ear drops.
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Does he itch all over his body? or scratch only one portion of his body? If he scratches only one portion, then this can be due to bacterial or fungal infection. This infection can cause bald patches and hence it needs treatment. However, if he's itching all his body then this may be due to 1) parasites in his body like fleas and ticks or 2) due to food infection.
Can you let us know what are you feeding your dog? It may be you're feeding him something that's causing him food alergy. Try to feed him grain free diet. It's difficult to give a 100% grain free diet but you can reduce the level of grain in his diet. You can instead feed him egg, curd, chicken, etc. Scrap off pure milk from his diet as dogs can't digest pure milk ( they don't have enzymes in their body to digest it)
Also, do you groom your dog regularly? Grooming can reduce this symptom to some extend and offer some relief to your dog. Secondly, if your dog is infected with ticks then you can continue to bathe him with a good anti tick in shampoo. Also, don't let your dog play in grasses as most of parasites are carried from there.
You can try a good anti-itching powder which can bring instant relief to your dog.
Also, consult your vet and check if you can use RIDD solution on your dog. This solution is used on a dog which is infected with scabies.
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piyush, navjot has pointed out at the right things, itching can be cause of 1)external/internal parasites, 2) food alergy or 3) dry skin. Firstly, pls make sure that you dont feed him roti, milk or any furmented food. if you are feeding him right food and he still has itch then it could be parasites like fleas/ticks. Pls look on his body under ears, nect and all over. if you find any flea tick, it needs to be carefully removed and put it in salt water. make sure that the head comes out of the body of your pup cuz if it stays in, it could cause further infection. if you dont see any flea/tick, it could be mites (which can nt be seen with naked eye) there r two types of mites, 1) demodectic, 2) sacroptic mites (sorry for wrong spelling if any). and these mites needs to be treated and your VET can priscribe you medicines. however, if you pet doesnt hv any red spots, bald patches, inflammed skin then simply, give PETBEN SHAMPOO and once the shampoo is done pour RIDD solution (2ml in 1lt-as instruction on the bottle). you need to repeat this shampoo+ridd after 7 days, depending upon the situation. I hope this helps. I am getting my pet treated for Mites and it takes 4-8 wks. if your pet has inflammed skin, and severe red rash/spots. clean with savlon/betadine and apply SPECTRAZOLE LOTION. its easily available at VEt Clinic. wish you loads of luck...
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