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please suggest whether i should go neutered my dog or not?

Hi All, I have a 8 months old male lab .Do you think Neutering is good for them in consideration with health & temperament issues.. pls suggest whether i should go neutered my dog or not..... awaiting experts suggestion .
By DEV RAJ · 22 Oct 2011 1:10 pm


By SaiShyam · 22 Oct 2011 10:27 pm
https://www.cesarsway.com/tips /basics/spay-and-neuter-myths

check it out.. you will get the answer
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By Navjot Singh · 23 Oct 2011 11:18 am
Thanks Ravi for sharing this great article, it's capable of removing so many misconceptions people have about neutering. I've myself seen Caesar Miller advocating neutering for problematic dogs in his serials.
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By SaiShyam · 23 Oct 2011 6:18 pm
You are welcome mate.I guess people has to learn how to grow up a dog first before buying it.Internet is vast and people can get everything for basic what they need.Dogspot is a good resource for all newbies too.
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By pennypup · 25 Oct 2011 6:02 am
It will do nothing to change their temperament other than to reduce their sex drive. So your male will be less likely to fight over females, wander, mark his territory and mount.
That being said, he still might do these things anyway.
If your male is already aggressive, it will do nothing to stop the behaviour. If your male is happy-go-lucky, he still will be after the surgery.
However, it's best to wait until your dog has finished growing to his full height, as early neutering will stunt his growth and he may look more like a female.
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By Navjot Singh · 27 Oct 2011 8:18 am
Pennypup, I've recently read a lot about neutering and have taken several expert advice, never have I been told that early neutering can retard the growth of the dog. In fact, I've come across, the earlier it's done, the better it'll be. I think, the article recommended by Ravi, has tried to clear many misconceptions about neutering.
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By pennypup · 27 Oct 2011 7:51 pm
Navjot: If you neuter a dog before they start to produce testosterone, it means the dog will not fully produce masculine features. The same is said for a female; if you spay her early she won't have the estrogen to produce more feminine features. (This is also why when women go into menopause, they tend to grow facial hair and lose their feminine figure) That's why it's recommended to wait until they reach their full height potential first (for large breeds, usually around 1 year old)

Most vets however, recommend sterilization prior to 6 months to help control unwanted pregnancies. That's usually their first concern. Plus, the earlier you sterilize the animal, the smaller they are and the less anesthetic you have to use.
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yashkant gaur
By Navjot Singh · Surgery · 02 Oct 2011 12:58 pm ·

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