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I am looking for a guard dog and am confused between German Shepherd and Rotweiler?

Hi All, I am looking for a guard dog and am confused between german shepherd and Rotweiler. I need expert advise on following points. 1.Are both breeds equally ferocious 2. Is it easier to maintain a Rotweiler due to less hair resulting in less hair fall. 3. Are these breeds safe with children. 4.Who are reputed breeders in Jaipur/NCR region for getting the pups
By vikas · 01 Aug 2010 11:19 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 02 Aug 2010 9:12 am
I dono why people wants a ferocious dogs :( this is really very sad that i have to write this again and again...

If you are first time owner then i will not suggest you any of this breed else you wont be happy neither will the dog...

lemme me tell you all dogs have this guarding instinct they all are territorial the thing is some are more territorial than other... its all about training... you can train any dog to be ferocious... and then that dog will not be in control... always remember big dogs means big responsibility

both the dog you have choose are highly intelligent and need proper training... so choose wisely
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By Hemanshu · 02 Aug 2010 12:20 pm
Vikas - Gopal is right. You need to first answer few questions yourself, would you really like to get a guard dog ? whats the purpose.
All dogs shed hairs. GSD is easy to handle if you compare it with Rotty. Both are safe and unsafe with kids, it depends on how you groom the pup. As a golden rule any breed should not be left unattended with children.
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By vikas · 03 Aug 2010 6:15 pm
Thanks for your response Gopal and Himanshu. I have owned a GSD long time back and presently own a labrador. I can leave my young son with my lab wothout any problem. My enquiry was for a very close friend of mine. They have had dogs with them from very begining and had a very beautiful GSD who left them couple of months back. Also i am getting rates between 10,000/- to Rs 25000/- ,do you think these are fair price and what should i look for when buying a rotweiler or GSD puppy.
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By Hemanshu · 03 Aug 2010 6:42 pm
If you getting a working line GSD pup and both the parents are from working lines or champions, then yes anywhere from 15K to 25K or more you would get a pet quality GSD pup, which does not have any fault but would not qualify for show purpose and I believe you or your friend is not looking to show the pup and would be at home. Show quality GSD would cost anywhere between 30K to 80K.
Also I believe, getting a pup from reputed breeder is Important, background check is really important when you talk with Breeders, ask as much questions as you can, see what comfort you get, weather the breeder is able to answer question sharing all details. Do not entertain brokers or dealers.
You might get a GSD at cheap rates but the behavior might not be of a GSD when they grow old, or might not be healthy. Please browse thru. many such questions/ answer on this blog which might be helpful.
As far as Rotty is concerned, its much expensive as compared to GSD, anywhere in excess of 30K it would cost.
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By Daniyal Jamil · 03 Aug 2010 10:43 pm
in my opinion, any breed can be made aggressive. it all depends on how you bring them up, how much time you spend with them and where u stand in the pack hierarchy. my female gsd loves being around people and rarely barks to the point where i think shes a lab. but there are times when she explodes, and i'm reminded of what i'm dealing with.

rottwielers and gsds are working breeds ie. they need to be disciplined from an early age and have a purpose in life otherwise they will become difficult to control and destructive. please keep in mind that both these breeds are fearless and will walk through fire for their owners. if you get one please do no keep it tied or locked up in a cage.

when buying puppies, dont buy it from the first person you meet, have a look at all the kennels before zeroing in on the one u like. most imp. check the bone structure of the pups and compare. the better the bone structure better the quality.

the prices u have been quoted are fair. but do not pay more than Rs. 15000 for a pet quality gsd.
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