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Please update me with some information. I need GSD?

hi all please update me with some information. I need GSD. The breeders says that first litter is always good, is it true? and why? also what is micro chipping of dog?
By vaibhav · 28 Jan 2010 7:40 am


By Ashley · 05 Feb 2010 7:07 am
It doesnt matter if its the first litter what matters is the health of the puppy and what kind of dog your looking for if you want a laid back or one with lots of energy you need to watch how the puppies act to find one that will fit right in with the house hold. micro chipping is a chip that is placed in the dog so if he or she gets lost they can bring him or her home.
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By maithili · 18 Feb 2010 8:54 pm
yes the first litter is always good . but this shoul be a litter produced always out of the 2nd heat .. ie the bitch should have skipped her first heat and should have her puppies only after the age 12 months. the litter is good because the body is prepared to have the litter , the female is in her prime and has not been over bred and tired . other than that you must check on the males side too . check for defects with the hind legs .
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yashkant gaur
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