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Do anyone know how can i find out my females is on silent heat?

Do anyone know how can i find out my females is on silent heat?
By nikhil · 21 Jun 2013 1:49 am


By Chandan Singh · 21 Jun 2013 12:52 pm
man as so much i do know..she would piss one for extended time and so in sequence 2-3 times for shorter amount
Swollen, vulva

Up to some weeks prier to being fully heat your dog,s female genitals can appear bigger and puffier then traditional.

As she gets farther into her heat it should become loose and floppy within the female genitals. the most issue once more to appear for could be a modification within the female genitals.
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By Siddiqur Rehman · 24 Mar 2014 5:16 pm
At 3 years of age, i first took my Female Lhasa Apso for matting, i keep grooming her everyday. So i noticed her vulva getting bigger and drops of blood coming out of her vulva and was not comfortable when i tried to inspect her. I called the profession breeding handler here in Guwahati and got to know that i should schedule matting if desired on 10th and 12th day of her heat. So i had planned accoedingly, the breeding handler fixed appointment with the Stud Dog owner and on Feb 14, 2014 we went for matting at the residence on the Stud Dog and after trying for 30 minutes finally with human assistance the tie was achieved which lasted for 5 minutes, next was done on Feb 16, 2014 and this time the tie/knot lasted for 10 minutes. The breeding handler was happy with the outcome. Since the last matting, 35 days have passed by and my dog have started showing of pregancy. On March 30, 2014 her first Utrasonography is due for head count of puppies.
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