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Is there a MNC factory in banglore or chennai for PUPs or sold in wholesale?

Hi animal lovers, I am looking for a labrador pup male for my self. this is the first time i would be bring a pup to my home. i chose labrador after talking to few pet shops in my locality( i have learnt a bit about them and realised that i need to do some homework so that i can get a best pup at the best price) and realised that its the most docile, friendly, pretty active and not very aggressive,although its eats quite a bit. There are few people in my house, i along with all of them are there to spend time and play with him and take him for a run in the park or for a walk. we will keep him like our own child Most of the pet store promised me to get the pup from banglore or chennai...( why ? is there a MNC factory in banglore or chennai for PUPs or sold in wholesale??) Is arnt there any good place in delhi where i can get a good lab pup.? so few questions for my friends on here to answere and help me. 1) so whats the difference in pet quality or show quality ( both would be lovable and loyale :) would they look different when they grow old? 2) whats the price for both in delhi. 3) Pl. suggest some good genuine dog breeders in delhi( address and phone contact numbers) i would like to see their parents and choose the best litter. 4) PUPS with KCI certification and microchip ( what category do they fall in) . is it safe to buy on them or pup with KCI or microchip will be more healthy ? Thanks best regards ashu sood
By ashusood · 02 Dec 2011 8:50 pm


By Ayon Saha · 02 Dec 2011 9:37 pm
1. Agreed!! Both will be loveable and loyal. The difference is much like the difference in the 1st boy and the last boy in a classroom. Show line pups seem to take trainings more easily they are comparatively quick learners, more intelligent. Most importantly their bloodline is good. And this makes a difference in appearance too. An analogy could be, a guy from slums vs one from millionaire family.
In most cases, show line pups are a little heavier, 10-15% bigger paws, ears, etc but these a normal eye can easily skip but these makes big differences in show ring.

If you are not planing for any dog shows and just looking for a companion, you may easily go for field lines.

4. PUPS with KCI certification and microchip does not fall in any special category, i guess. Both show and field line pups are available with KCI chip. Its a myth that KCI certified pups will be more healthy or they are safe or you should only buy them. Its just a proof of their bloodline and peace of mind.
If the source (from where you buy) is trustworthy then KCI chips will make no difference otherwise (or in general) its recommended to ask for KCI certification.
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By Navjot Singh · 03 Dec 2011 3:17 pm
If you go as per the advice of pet shops, they'll also make you keep a Great Dane in a 2 BHK flat. They have to sell puppies, how the puppy will be raised, where he's goona be kept, what it's gonna eat, etc etc is not their headache. Even if you buy from an ordinary breeder, they also have sale in their mind.
At the same time, there are some exceptions. I know a pet shop in Karol bagh who reprimanded a dog owner just because the owner was not getting her puppy vaccinated in time. A know a breeder in Dheradun who gave up breeding of Rottweillers just because he was not able to find suitable owners for the breed. He's now breeding Cavalier Charles Spaniel. These are few to be named.
It's good you're keeping a Labrador for yourself. But you have to consider few things very seriously. First of all, I'll talk about a general tendency among pet owners. If you are a kind of person who's inactive in the sense you don't like to wake up early in the morning, prefer to use vehicles for covering a small distance, then Labrador or any other medium-large breed dog is not suitable for you. Labrador is extremly not "pretty" active dog. They tend to have excess of energy and you have to exhaust this excess by taking him for walks regularly, daily. My Labrador is so active that even after being walked for 40 minutes, he asks me to play a tug toy with him just after 5 minutes! If you don't take him for walks, don't exercise well, they'll really whoop your ass. I've heard so many owners complaining their dogs bark relentlessly, chew their furnitures, bite thier kids and what not. The root of the problem is the exercise requirement of these dogs are not properly met. Most of us simply don't have time to take our dogs for exercise so we leave them in the hands our our servants who themselves are live skeletons. They take them out for walk, one the dog has peed, they'll take them back home and we say we take our dog for daily walks!
The saying that show quality puppy learns more quickly than a pet quality is a crap and I don't believe in it. I have an ordinary pet quality Labrador puppy who picked up potty training in a matter of 2 days from the day he was brought, learned to shake hands in a weeks or so, learned to fetch toys and bring it back in one day. Learned to sit, come , stay and 'leave it" in 2 month time.At the same time, my friend's Labrador who belongs of Finish parents and is of "so -called show quality is 9 month old and he has not even learned to drink water from his own bowl! He goes to the toilet room and drinks water in the toilet pot! Now tell me, what difference does it make??
The bottomline is it doesn't matter wheather you keep a show or a pet quality dog, how trainable he'll become depends on the one who's the handler not on the quality.
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By Navjot Singh · 03 Dec 2011 3:45 pm
To wrap up, you are a first time dog owner so keep a simple pet quality dog. After having a considerable experience in dog handling, you can then consider keeping a show quality if you intend to show your dog in these events. The showing of dog is an Art which one masters with experience. Again, i've seen people too enthusiastic about showing dogs and they spend fortune on buying these puppies from show parents. In shows, when their dog is not chosen the best, they blame the dog and put extra pressure on the creature. This according to me,only strains owner-dog relationship.
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By ashusood · 03 Dec 2011 9:42 pm
thanks ayon and navjot... thats amount of info... to tell you i am going take care of my dog for a life and treat it as a family member.. we are pretty active people and spend a lot of time walking, time in the park etc.
it is definately going to be for petline and as companionship, but i just need to make sure that its absolutely pure labrador breed. we are amatuers so we cant makeout the diff bewteen a lab pup or a simple dog pup. i suppose the diff will be known once i have raised the pup for 8- 12 months. so i cant afford to make a mistake. where can i get a healthy pure labrador pup. any people in delhi who i can get in touch with. pet stores i wont to avoid now.
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By ashusood · 03 Dec 2011 10:28 pm
I just want to get good pedigree so as to avoid any health problems or temperament issues.)
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By Navjot Singh · 04 Dec 2011 6:42 pm
You can read & browse as much as you can about the Labrador breed. Watch youtube videos showing Lab puppies. This will give you fair idea. You can also buy a book on Labrador breed which exhibits Labrador breed showing Labrador pics. What I'd suggest you is to attend dog shows in Delhi & NCR area where you can meet breeders of this breed. They can also keep you updated about any upcoming litter. I've seen some breeders even exhibiting litters in the shows. So you'll certainly gain good knowledge there. I'm in Rohini so if you need any help, you can call me on 9899696419.
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By ashusood · 04 Dec 2011 8:26 pm
attending dog shows is great idea. thanks! navjot.. does anybody have any calender or a schedule for dogs shows to come in Delhi and NCR?
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By Navjot Singh · 10 Dec 2011 11:31 am
Ashu, if you browse the home page of this very website, you'll get this information.
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