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Any Miniature Pincher and BorderCollie breeders in Delhi or NCR?

Any Miniature Pincher and BorderCollie breeders in Delhi or NCR? Most long coat breeds, particlarly small are easily available, most comman being Indian spitz, Lhasa Apso, but I havenot been able to come across breeders of Border collie. It's a perfect breed, extreamly intelligent. More suprisingly, I have hardly seen breeders of Weimaraners. They are said to have a brain of human. They have short coat and can adapt to warm climates. MIN PIN, a yet another short breed which can adjust well to warm climate have verylimited breeders. I
By Navjot Singh · 15 Jan 2011 6:00 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 16 Jan 2011 5:06 pm
Are you looking for an uncommon yet great family dog? I know of a good breeder of Min Pins in Lucknow. Mr. Trivedi. He is also the secretary of the Owadh (Lucknow kennel Club) and his dog won the group and also came in the line up I think under Australian judges this time.
Unusual breeds generally are quite expensive....
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By Navjot Singh · 16 Jan 2011 5:32 pm
Min Pin puppies can be bought at rs 10-15 grant. I don't think that's very expensive. I've not found any breeder of Border-collie and have no idea how much they cost. Weinamaners are indeed expensive, their puppies being sold at 30 grant. There are couple of breeders of MIN PIN in dog spot selling puppies in very reasonable price.
Expensiveness is not the question I intended to raise in above question. It's the breed's adaptability that was on a spot light. The breeders for Saint Bernard, pug and Mastiff are in plenty even when all these are not suitable for typical Indian climate. The above breeds particularly Weimaraner and Min-Pin are ok for our climate but unfortunatley we have few breeders interested in flourishing them in the sub-continent.
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By Dinkar Singh · 16 Jan 2011 5:41 pm
Min Pins are not a uncommon breed and there are a lot of breeders.

In my personal opinion.

It not just the built or coat which makes a breed suitable or not suitable. There is more to it. Border Collie are not really suited to the typical Indian climate and surroundings. Two reasons mainly, coat and the exercise requirement mentally and physically.

As for Weimaraners, they too need exercise which in a typical Indian city situation will be a problem. They are ok for a farm house setting or where there is a big lawn etc.

On an average a good breed pup costs 25k. Expensive pricing is far much higher. There are International Rottweiler champion pups being sold for 1 lakh that is expensive.
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By Navjot Singh · 16 Jan 2011 6:49 pm
Hi Dinkar, what you are saying is very true. Border-collie belongs to shepherd family and do need a lot of exercise, Weimaraner are active dogs too. But, SO ARE OTHER COMMAN BREEDS LIKE GERMAN-SHEPHERD, LABRADOR WHICH HAVE ALREADY ESTABLISHED THEMSELVES AS POPULAR BREEDS IN INDIA. if GSD can adapt themselves to this climate, so can border-collie and weimaraner. I'm quite sure, these two breeds can remain healthier than Saint Bernard and Bull or Nep Mastiff in our conditions.
Dinkar, let me tell you one thing very clearly, in India, people buy dogs looking at advertisements or movies not considering breed's specific requirements. My friend bought bull mastiff becoz he's favourite superstar, salman khan, has one. My neighbour bought pug becoz she was so fond of dog in that advertisment. White spitz became so popular after Hum Apke hai kaun. LOL.
Breeders will breed a dog only if it's favourite among people.Popularity will increase demand, demand will increase profits, profits will hike their balance in their a/c. Money plays a big role.
Introduce these breeds in Media and see how popular they become.
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By Navjot Singh · 16 Jan 2011 7:19 pm
Just to add one more point. I don't have any irrational liking or prejudices for any of these breeds. I've recently completed a successful research on some trainable dogs. These two top the ranking when it comes to obediance and agility test. They are respected as some of the most trainable breeds in the US and Europe. So QUESTION THAT POPS UP IS IF SAINT BERNARD AND PUG ( COLD WEATHER DOGS ) CAN BECOME POPULAR HERE THAN WHY CAN'T THESE EASILY TRAINABLE DOG ??
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By Dinkar Singh · 17 Jan 2011 10:20 am
In my opinion.

The reason the GSD and the Lab are popular all over the world is because of a reason. The GSD is a multi purpose dog. hence it is very popular and not the other sheperds which are quite a few in number. The lab is a family dog due to the temperament etc and being a gundog has a soft mouth.

Trainability I feel is one thing and adaptability to situations or places is another. Both border collie and weimaraners as mentioned earlier need a lot of exercise, what I have seen. I too am very fond of the border collie but due to its nature and requirements I have not got one. That is what ppl dont do, do a compatibility check between the dog breed and your self and living conditions. This is why a lot of pedigree dogs are in need of homes due to their owners abandoning them.

The saint bernard is a gaint breed but the exercise requirement is not there like the border collie who need work to be given to him and also open spaces to run.

I think its also got to do with exercise and space and looks. the St Bernard, Bull Mastiff and neo are all impressive looking dogs and thats what draws ppl to them also they dont need a lot of exercise and the later two have a short coat too. I dont think the neo is popular in India any more as it did not adapt well temperament wise, nor were ppl aware of the basic reason why this breed was developed.

Yes , advertisements do increase the demand of a particular breed and more demand will have more breeders, but in the long run there is no profits and the breed suffers due to backyard breeders etc. The surprising part is that ppl who want to buy go with price and not quality. Recently a breeder of labs was telling me that someone liked his pups and dogs but said that I am getting a lab for 5 k yours is better so give it for 8K rather than the price he was asking for, 20K.

I dont feel these backyard breeders, majority of them cud be making money. As they end up selling the entire litter to agents and pet shops who buy them very cheap in order to sell them for much more. But its a vicious circle as that person will not breed and dump the dog but others will try their hand in order to earn money. And it starts again. The worst hit are the dogs that suffer and are made to work like machines and very bad conditions.

I am just having a healthy discussion with you and expressing by personal views only, please dont be offended etc. Its nice to discuss these issues.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 18 Jan 2011 11:38 am
Border Collie is hard working dog and not suit for family as companion, these dogs always need to some task to do, that is why border collie are not in the AKC top rank list, it is somewhere in 52nd rank (https://www.akc.org/reg/dogre g_stats.cfm).

I am wondered that Weimaraners have brain of human, but it is listed in 21st rank in dog intelligence list (https://petrix.com/dogint/11- 26.html) which is far away from lab, gsd, and doberman.

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By Navjot Singh · 19 Jan 2011 1:05 am
@Dinkar, There's nothing above which has offended anyone. In fact, I'm still a beginner and have relatively less knowledge than you. Your participation is much appreciated and I've learnt a lot from everyone who has participated here.
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By Mithun Karmakar · 15 Aug 2012 8:02 pm
1. Excercise requirement of the Dogs are relative. A dog who needs huge excercise can also be damn lazy in cases.. Excercise can be balanced with diet to keep a dog healthy.. So do not think that u cannot buy a Border Collie if you do not own a lawn and live in a 1bhk flat. Its internet mugging misconception.

2. AKC ranks are based on how many dogs are registered on that year range.. not based on what are the dog's merit/demerits.. Dog intel rank gives Border Collie Rank 1. thats a proper ranking.

3. Border Collie can do wonderfully in Indian Climate.

4. Breeders are still not breeding Border Collie because they are rare to find in india and owners are not always agreeing to breed them yet. As soon as people start adopting Border Collies more, Breeders will also start breeding them. Too few breeders actually import Pure breed animals for themselves just to breed. Most breeders just breed customer's dogs and sell the pups. :)

These are my personal experience and insight.. Your opinion may differ
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