How can i register my 3 years old saint bernard female with KCI, help?

Hi can anyone explain how can i register my 3 years old saint bernard female with KCI Please give me regarding info. I residence at dekhi, near karol bagh area. Thanks
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You dog can be registered under the criteria of ' puppy with unknown pedigree'. You need to take your dog to a KCI judge who will decide if the dog meets all the standards of this breed. If he's ok, he'll stamp the photographs and the form ( Please check the KCI website to check the which form to fill ). You then need to send the photos to the Chennai office. The certificate will come from Chennai.
Usually, it's impossible to get an appointment from a KCI judge. The best think is ( I've heard this ) to take the dog to the dog show directly. The judge will be busy and he may ask you to wait till the end of the show. At the end if he's not tired, he may stamp the photo graphs or ( in most of the cases ) he'll ask you to visit his residence or office.
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