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I own a 2 year old lab. I take him out only on leash. Can any body advice how do I train him for?

Hi - Attention Trainer I own a 2 year old lab. I take him out only on leash. Can any body advice how do I train him for - off leash walking. My lab doest not respond much to 'come on call' hence I am not sure to let him off leash....he chases other stray dogs and gets into t their territory inviting trouble. So whats the best method do this.....I dont want to have much dependency on leash Pls advice tusharkanchan@gmail.com
By Tushar Kanchan · 30 Dec 2010 4:05 pm


By hamachandran K · 15 Feb 2011 9:09 pm
Leash training is very easy. Whenever you take your puppy/dog for a walk, take a thin flexible long stick. whenever your dog starts draging you, you need to stop there and call your dog to come back. For this just tap your right thigh and call your dog , if he his not responding just beat a little on his tight, immediatly she will reponse.do not move until the dog comes back to the position and stand besides you. once it comes back to the position, then start moving. Whenever your dog moves aways from the track, stop and do the above method. within less than a week your dog will walk beside you and it will never drag and you can hold the leash with 1 finger.

Same method when your dog not responding when it is sniffing a spot for a long time.

I did the same method and my dog stoped draging in 3 days. once the dog stoped draging and responding to come back. then you can Off leash the dog. initially try within a limited boundry. then you can increase the off leash distance step by step.

Cheerss....Please try this and comment on the same. Please see my dog Genie in the DOG spot.you can search with GENIE.
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By Gurdeep singh · 15 Mar 2011 7:22 am
hi frend ....ur big problem is that u buy a dog which is 2 year old thats why he dont know u ...spend the time with him alot until he knows u....then give him some training after that bring him out side.
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By sindhoor · 01 Apr 2011 1:06 pm
I strongly recommend against off-leash walking. Instead, I suggest loose leash training. In crowded countries like India, off-leash training is HIGHLY dangerous. However well behaved your dog is, after all, it is a dog. All it takes will be one cat or squirrel to distract him and can have disastrous affects.

The reason I am so strongly against this is that 2 months ago my little puppy met with a nasty accident. An idiot was speeding down a very narrow road and hit my puppy, dragged her under the car and drove over her face. To this day we are regretting the 1 second of misfortune we had. So please please please don't get your dog off leash when outdoors. It is JUST NOT WORTH IT.

If you prefer, I can suggest to you how to train your dog to do loose leash walking, so that your dog will walk in a relaxed way with his leash on, so that it does not stress you. When you have completed your training, you can even hook the leash to your belt, so that you don't even have to hold the leash in your hand. This is much safer and just as pleasant for both you and your doggie :)
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