I would require professional dog trainer in Jaipur ..if anybody knows ,please advice?

Been thinking to have a rottie home soon.House is big enough with a small garden in front, also there r numerous parks around .I am touring for official purposes like 3 months and then back home 4 abt 2 months cycle. so tht leavs my parents to take care of the dog in my absence.We've never had a pet before. and i understand with my own homework tht training is a must esp from puppy age. I need to ask 1) in my absensce will a rott be a too demanding dog 4 my parents aged 50-55? 2)i've had already a horrible exp'ce at a Pet Shop here in jaipur when i saw pups stuffed like commodities in small dirty cages.Can somebody please advice be abt reputed breeders of rotties in india.........everybody's offering" some champX some Champ".I dont intend to show in the ring but i would definately like to buy from a breeder who breeds 4 temprament and offer health check guarantees. 3)i would also require professional dog trainer in Jaipur ..if anybody knows .please advice...................Cheeers!
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Check out my litter...I specialize only in rotts
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· 2011-11-16T11:20:59+0530 16 Nov 2011 11:20 am
To answer u r questions....

1) Rotts need compulsory training from an early age, need to be taken for walks or left to play to direct their excess energy...as they grow older the energy will slightly reduce and sober down.

2) rotts are observing dogs so unless they see a threat, other male dog agression, tresspassers they wont get charged up. best thing about rotts i s that they dont bark they observe the threat analyse and then approach the situation with confidence ( ehers where training is imp to direct them and correct their assumptions)
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· 2011-11-16T17:48:36+0530 16 Nov 2011 5:48 pm
contact Mr Dinkar Singh
he can guide you better
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By jayakaran · 2011-11-16T18:22:14+0530 16 Nov 2011 6:22 pm
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As it is te first pet pls don go for rot . only a well experienced guy can handle it... it is unpredictable, ur parents can tolerate it so go for some soft breeds when u gain some confidence in u , go for it..
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By Shalin · 2011-11-16T20:37:30+0530 16 Nov 2011 8:37 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/been-thinking-have-rottie-home-soonhouse-big-enough-small-g
u can go for any breed.some are more easy to train and some are not thats it.
early socialization is most imp for any breed to get an good canine citizen.

but rott is very powerful,but then u dont have to wrestle with him do u??
u dont want to let him use his strenght on u,,do u??
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By Ramit Kapoor · 2011-11-16T22:08:48+0530 16 Nov 2011 10:08 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/been-thinking-have-rottie-home-soonhouse-big-enough-small-g
@ Sandy : Thanx 4 ur reply............Wish u Good Luck!
@ Samir: Thanx! will try 2 get in touch wid Mr. dinkar.............his profile says & i quote"Due to the sudden popularity of the breed, people are buying Rottweilers without researching the breed and seeing if it suits their lifestyle. This breed is not for everyone, hence I am no longer Showing & Breeding Rottweilers" but i guess his experience can be more than usefull.
@ Shalin: Shalin u've hit d nail right on d head ;)..............I do blv that training a dog is not rocket science................if i was available all d time i would've done it myself but d idea to hire a professional trainer was just so tht my parents hav it easy in my absence,afterall idont hav to teach him algebra & calculus nor do i have to teach him to eat wid fork & knife.
@ jay: appreciate ur reply but i hav seen a lab in delhi with my neighbours who was chained all d time outside d house be it 46C summers or 5C winters or d monsoons............tht poor chap wa so ferocious tht he'd put a pitbull 2 shame.having bitten his own owners manytimes............i guess everydog is an individual and we have to treat them tht way
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By Shalin · 2011-11-16T22:38:20+0530 16 Nov 2011 10:38 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/been-thinking-have-rottie-home-soonhouse-big-enough-small-g
yes u are right.so go for any breed.i think rott is far better than a doberman or gsd.......more smart. Dinkar is a very good breeder and experienced person...he should give u right advice.i was talking in general and though i think that is more important but there are nevertheless some breed specific issues and concerns one should have.
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By sandy · 2011-11-17T08:15:57+0530 17 Nov 2011 8:15 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/been-thinking-have-rottie-home-soonhouse-big-enough-small-g
@Ramit Kapoor...Thank u..!!
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By arvind singh · 2011-11-22T17:34:48+0530 22 Nov 2011 5:34 pm
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Ramit, I don't think Rotti is good option for you. That's Ok that you have proper space but rottis don't need only space. Rotties need proper attention otherwise be ready for handling a detrcutive Rottie. Rotties need time & proper training.
Rotties are very energetic dog, they need energetic owner.
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By robby · 2011-12-02T05:58:34+0530 02 Dec 2011 5:58 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/been-thinking-have-rottie-home-soonhouse-big-enough-small-g
i suggest u to check dogs of sumit malik in saharanpur he is breeder of import rotts must check .......... awesome collections of rotts he have
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