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Which is the best Anti ticks shampoo for Labrador Retriever 1 year old dogs ?

Which is the best Anti ticks shampoo for Labrador Retriever 1 year old dogs ?

By gk gk · 11 Apr 2013 5:00 pm


By Ritwik · 12 Feb 2016 2:29 pm
Ticks infestation mostly occur during the summer Seasons. Avoiding taking your dog visit to tick habitats, such as forest and scrub, during this time of the year is advisable. Pets should be treated with anti ticks products and regularly checked for any infestation. If found, ticks should be removed.House TreatmentEffective compounds for outdoor environmental tick control include carbaryl, cyfluthrin, permethrin and s-fenvalerate.If Brown Dog Ticks are found in buildings, acaracides such as cyfluthrin and permethrin should be sprayed into cracks and crevices, behind and under furniture and along the boards in the floors and ceiling, as ticks will often hide in these areas.Anti-tick dog treatmentsFrontline Plus flea and tickAdvantix Flea and Tick ControlFlea and tick collarsFlea and tick shampoosSolutions such RiddFollow the link - https://www.dogspot.in/flea-ti cks/
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yashkant gaur

Our Labrador is suffering from tick and flea infestation. provide som ... Read More

By Celes · Buying a puppy · 17 Feb 2016 7:33 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

My Six Month Labrador Dog Has Hair Fall

By Shivu Shivraj · Buying a puppy · 05 Jan 2016 9:07 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My st.bernard is 2 and half months old how often can i bath her and what shampoo to use.
By Arun Rajendran · Buying a puppy · 28 Jan 2015 11:42 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My lab is suffering from disease in which his skin drys off and it irritates him n he scratches n has almost lost all his hair coat. Have taken him to ... Read More
By Kunal Lakhani · Buying a puppy · 16 Nov 2014 12:10 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
How to keep My shih tzu's coat shiny,clean and Matt-free?Which Shampoo/conditioner to use? After a recent trim,His hair is all frizzy and woolly.He's ... Read More
By Arvind S · Buying a puppy · 08 Nov 2014 4:11 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I have a four year old female pug. She got skin infection and black spots somewhere on her skin and itching on her skin. Although black spots ds'nt lo ... Read More
By RUBY · Buying a puppy · 08 Oct 2014 2:41 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My GSD is full of ticks. The usual vet recommended Shampoo, Fipronil drops (Protektor) isn't working. Ticks are almost everywhere & are crawling aroun ... Read More
By Jamini Padhi · Buying a puppy · 30 Aug 2014 12:46 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I have a st. Bernard of 2 months old which is the best brand shampoo should I buy for him to clean and medicate him completely
By uj · Buying a puppy · 28 Jun 2014 10:50 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

I'm planning to buy a puppy! Well I'm so excited as this will be my first pet but little confused! I want a cute looking puppy ( Please tell ... Read More

By vikash kumar · Buying a puppy · 22 Oct 2013 10:33 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur

I have a Labrador Retriever 9 months old. His hairs are shedding heav ... Read More

By Rakhee Singh · Buying a puppy · 27 Aug 2013 11:06 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My two month old female Labrador Retriever urinate while sleeping. Is it natural? I consult the vet too. He said that still bladder is weak. Any sugge ... Read More
By Saumya · Buying a puppy · 23 Aug 2013 12:19 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Labrador retriever puppy and a pug puppy live together?
By Romil Tripathi · Buying a puppy · 11 Jun 2013 12:59 pm · Reply Now

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