What are the best and Worst Pet Foods?

What are the best and Worst Pet Foods?
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The smartest thing you'll be able to feed your pet may be a commercially obtainable raw diet. This is often a raw food diet that somebody else has done the work to organize. It's important that the diet is balanced, and you ought to bear in mind that there are raw food pet diets getting into the market that aren't however proved to be nutritionally complete. These foods usually say "For supplementation or intermittent feeding" on the label.
You'll recognize if the raw food you've got hand-picked is balanced as a result of it'll say it right the packaging: "This food has been proved to be nutritionally complete or adequate for all life stages."
At this time, these diets area unit found solely within the fridge section of small/privately owned or upmarket pet boutiques – not within the massive box pet stores. You’ll be able to conjointly realize a variety on-line.
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The best is Solid Gold available with a distributor in Kerala. Check for details at The worst is Pedigree, Drool from IB Group comprising of God knows what not. Venky's imports kibble from Brazil for large and giant breeds and tinned "minced" food from Australia. My dog likes home food with topping of Pedigree "Real Meat" that come in 80gm pouches (Rs25 each) imported from Thailand. It states that the "Real Meat" is chicken with liver pieces, but for all you know it might be pork. How I wish India had an agency to control dog food. As for raw food/BARF, Abhinav may be able to elaborate further where such packets are available in India. Surely, he must not be expecting vegetarians to visit the local butcher.
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