Hi my black lab puppy is 42 days old and not interested in any food what should I do now

I bought a black lab puppy few days back when he is 38days old as he is an orphan.. Now I'm facing a huge problem in his feeding that he is not drinking milk as guide by the seller (he is my friend and he used to feed him with milk and milk rice) nor feeling hungry so I just shifted to dry food items (pedigree food) now he looks interested in day one in first feeding but later he is eating it when he likes to but mainly he is not eating anything for 12hour (from the last night to next day afternoon). And not quite enough food he is consuming as we absorbed. He weighted only 2kg at this stage (42days). I'm worried that whether he is healthy and on average weight and also mostly he is sleepy (active just few minutes or so) and he comes around my leg and start to take nap.. I don't know what to do so please suggest me something useful to make him active and healthy or is this normal for puppy who moved to New home.
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