Can i give home made food to my black Lab puppy?

My black lab puppy is going to complete 2 months on 18th apr ... I recently(a week back) to home-made food like daliya+curd, curd,chaach,milk+chappati. he seemed to have liked it and surprisingly his stools got better than with cerelac. But my vet has asked us to stop his 5 time meals and instead give only three meals of royal cainine starter . i was giving him one meal of royal canine with the other 4 home made meals. Now with only 3 meals he's become restless, barks alot and is biting us more often. Am sure am going wrong somewhere. Can any one suggest me a complete diet chart for him.
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Once ur pup is 2 month old u can gradually decrease his meals from 5 to 4. But dont do it suddenly. Rather replace one meal with treats which u can give him while playing/training. Go down to 3 meals after he is 6mnth old.
U can give one or two RC diet & the rest can be home made ones. Go easy with home made foods so as not to put his stomach in pressure. Try curd, boiled rice, cheese, eggs (occassionally), some veggies like carrots (can be given raw as treats), peas, etc. Avoid chappati & daliya for the time being.
Once he is 3 mnth u should gradually introduce him to meat. Non-veg is good for proper growth of pups.
Change in behaviour can be due to hunger or sudden change in eating pattern. Try playing with him at the time when u used to give him the 5th meal & give some nice treats instead of a whole meal. Give him chew toys to play. Dont encourage bad behaviour by giving attention. Rather ignore him if he barks a lot, tries to bite. Give him meal/treat/attention only after he is calm.
Hope this help.
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hi chetna, even i own a lab hus 7 months old now... il tell u wad i did wid my lab...
i used to give him 5 meals a day which included royal canin starter 3 tyms n home made food 2 tyms till he was 2 months old... ul hv to shift to royal canin lab junior once he is 2 months old.. so afta 2 months it was 3 tyms r.c n one tym home food till he was 5 months old.... n den afta dat it decreased to 2 tyms r.c n once home food.
n evn i think dat chnge in behaviour maybe due to sudden change in food pattern.. he might b hungry... n yeah feed him as per d food chart given bhind d pack....
hope dis helps..
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· 2010-04-24T09:38:26+0530 24 Apr 2010 9:38 am
.....try garnishing his RC with Dahi.....i do that with my Mastiff.....dahi is great for the dogs....good for their stomachs.......oh..and dogs are ALWAYS hungry.....!!
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How much to add water with royal canin and water vill be warm or no need for warm
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