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I am buying a KCI registered Golden Retriever,where can I get the KCI papers verified in Bangalore?

I am buying a KCI registered Golden Retriever. price is 8k~13k female/male. 1. I would like to know(verify) if the puppy is really a KCI registered pup or someone is tryng to fool me using dead dogs certificate(and other ingenius tactics used to make money). Where can I get the KCI papers verified in Bangalore? 2. I have asked for photos of parents other pups---the person is saying pups are champion line and "in the farm and they are far away". This is a comment I have heard before frm middlemen. But I dont care unless I get a good KCI reg puppy with good health3. Should I askfor more verifications??? abt parents etc 4.And can u suggest me good kennels/person in bangalore for golden retriever? I have already been to yashbans they cater only to buyers who want "SHOW QUALITY" ones. I want one to keep as a pet. Plz help since I am buying by wednesday.
By gowt1ham · 26 Jun 2009 5:33 pm


By Warren Chang · 26 Jun 2009 7:57 pm
Its a very good price, maybe too good to be real. Its always better to go see the litter and decide. You can contact Motesh on 9976757171, he should be able to help you.
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By gowt1ham · 26 Jun 2009 10:07 pm
thx^. Is the person from bangalore????
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By Dinkar Singh · 03 Jul 2009 10:50 am
Look there are so many frauds out there that you have to see both parents and also see the KCI papers of the parents and see the owners name written on them. generally papers of the pups come later on so you can also take a photo copy of the papers of the parents till the breed gives you the pups papers.

In Bangalore you have yashban kennel which is well know for its dogs and goldens. contact them. Otherwise call KCI (www.thekci.org) and ask them for Yashban's number. There is also a website of golden retreiver club again search on the net and you will get a list of breeders via the website.

generally good Goldens will cost more than what you have mentioned. All the best.
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By gowt1ham · 09 Jul 2009 4:19 am

i chked yashbans...........i will chk all kennels bfr i buy the one I have finalized.
besides I saw the pups dad.......awesome dog. I will chk the mom too bfr I buy.
The pups are 2 months old......and I saw just a male pup......was jumping about. Well I am prepared for hyperactive puppies.

the pups are vaccinated, microchipped etc.....

after I buy(tommorow or Friday)

I want to take it to vet and get additional shots.....is there any wrong getting shots twice?
I also want to verify the microchip/identification number...do the vets have such equipment?

As u said i will take
1.photocopy of sire and dam with owners signature on it.
2.Anything else....
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By gowt1ham · 09 Jul 2009 4:22 am
i am insisting on kci papers and paying more money for tht bcoz I am seeing a cocker spaniel suffering from stomach ulcer.........looks really sick after just 1 year.
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 Jul 2009 9:47 am
It is best to take a puppy inbetween that is not shy and not over active/ bully to be on the safer side.

Good vets generally have the instrument for scanning and getting to know the micro chip number etc. I would not advise on getting the shots put twice.

Generally its the father of the pups that is nice and a champion but the female is quite shitty....... so insist on seeing the pups with the mother, as sometime you will be shown another female and they would say its the mother.

I would advise you to download the puppy registeration form from the KCI website and accordingly proceed for registeration. On this form the owners of both dogs need to sign and attach documents which in turn are sent to the KCI office. What is the breeder saying has he sent the papers for registration. You can also tell him that you will pay say 70% right now and the bal when he gives you the papers.

Before getting the pup home please read on the net about getting a new pup home etc. As you need to puppy proof the home, get bowls for it, toys, bedding, brush, etc. Food is also very important and ask the breeder what they are feeding the pup, try and feed the pup that food for a while before changing it to another if you want. There are various manufactured foods available depending on the dog breed and age, like Roayl Canin, Eukanoba etc. You will also have to give your dog calcium and multi vitamins as per the vets advise.

So dont be in a hurry and first prepare yourself and then pick up the pup, the puppy should also have a puupy pen where he can play around without getting into trouble and also where you can put him for little while. Do not tie the pup he is too small. You will need to start basic training also slowly. The list just goes on so do the homework and all will be fine. All The Best. Please also read about the first night of the pup as he will be very unhappy and will howl the entire night it can be for a couple of days also, as he will miss his family etc.
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By Rishi Singh · 14 Dec 2009 12:16 am
Best for you is go there and check everything from your own eyes.If you don't have much knowledge about purity of breed take someone wid you...
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By Pitbull · 11 Mar 2010 2:40 am
Yashbans ??? Haha,, in Blore they are called RUSSLE MARKET FOR DOGS!!
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