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Are choke chains and anti-bark collars effective instruments in dog training?

Are choke chains and anti-bark collars effective instruments in dog training? I've read people discouraging their usage on the ground it's a cruel way of training. At the same time, there are people who advocate their usage believing they are effective and best in the training.
By Navjot Singh · 25 Sep 2011 11:54 pm


By nikhil · 26 Sep 2011 1:04 pm
I personally prefer the prong collar to be more effective than the choke chain/collars. I read that a choke chain can take as much as a year off of your dogs life if used at a constant..I don't know how true is that but I do not use a choke chains, but I saw people using a choke chain and choke collars, and I saw nothing but dogs choking and gagging whenever they pulled, more to say that is was sad to watch and not effective at all.
I dont believe in the choke chain ,I read that it could collapse their trachea.Prong collars are not as cruel as people think. Prong collars only give the dog a small amount of pressure so as to tell them that pulling will not be tolerated and they can only constrict so far so they do not cut off the dogs air supply. And Its good to use the prongs with rubber padding on the ends of them so they are not poking the dog. A choke chain can constrict a dogs neck all the way, cutting off their air supply. I believe choke chains are the worst.
But then they both are tools and both have their place in training , the only thing a person using them should know a proper way of fitting them and the correct method of using them .
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 26 Sep 2011 9:09 pm
https://www.colossuskennels.co m/collars.html
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By Gopal Krishna · 15 Oct 2011 8:53 pm
these tool are advance tool and do not use 'em if you are not an experienced person else, it will hamper your dog's mental stability...

Please check my article prong vs clicker training in article section :)
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By Navjot Singh · 16 Oct 2011 2:08 pm
Thanks Gopal, I've been clicker training my Labrador. It's the best.
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By Shyam Hattangdi · 22 Dec 2011 12:50 pm
A lot depends on what the age of the dog is and what the problem is. If motivational training like clicker training works for you and you know how to do it correctly (doing wrong does not do harm but will only make it ineffective and slow at worst) that is the best.

Prong collars ARE better than choke chains - choke collars should NOT choke if used correctly - most people don't know how to use them. They have to be placed high up behind the ears (this area is sensitive) and not allowed to slip down and used in a manner that 'jerks and instantly releases' so the choking action is of extremely short duration - allowing the dog to pull on the collar constantly with the collar slipped down causing the dog to choke is the common picture - over time this causes the dog to even accept the discomfort and choking in what in psychology parlance is called "learned helplessness"
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