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How to clean our dog or puppy after a walk?

How to clean our dog or puppy after a walk
By Romil Tripathi · 11 Jun 2013 1:04 pm


By Gungte Radhe · 12 Jun 2013 1:39 pm
Walking of pets is a routine chores for pet lovers. It has become beneficial for both the parties, i.e pet as well as the owner. However we humans seldom walk barefooted, therefore thorough cleansing is sometimes not necessary. However if we walk barefooted, thorough cleaning and removal of debrises and foreign body is required. But in case of pets we need to take care of their feet as they won't show any sign of discomfort unless it hurts them. After a walk thorough examination of all the four foot pad should be done. Dirts and debrises should be removed immediately as it may lead to secondary infection in case of any open wound like abrasions, scratches etc.. a light solution of povidone iodine/savlon can be used for washing the foot and the pads as it is a good disinfectant, wont emit pain incase of open wounds and non staining to the fur/ hair of the pet.
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By Romil Tripathi · 12 Jun 2013 1:48 pm
very very thanks Gungte Radhe. we can use any specific products like shampoo ?
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By Gungte Radhe · 12 Jun 2013 10:12 pm
Choosing a shampoos for your pet depends on the breed you have. Its better to discuss with your Doctor on the choice of shampoo for your pet. However in my case I use Himalaya Erina Ectoparasiticidal shampoo for my Neapolitan Mastiff and a Cocker Spaniel(English). This shampoo gives good lather, cleanses optimally, has a very good scent and since my pets does some outdoor daily, so just to prevent ticks and fleas it has got ectoparasiticidal effectts too.(Its just my personal view and should in no case be treated as a recommendation). I had used some puppy and dog shampoo of other brand too earlier, but the scent was very horrible and had to discard in mid way because of complaint from my children. In summer weather the long haired breeds emit lots of body smell due to sweating and moisture content at the root of hair so scented shampoo actually does help. Hope it helps.
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By Romil Tripathi · 13 Jun 2013 10:57 am
Thanks sir for giving me the rich information.
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