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How to control a dog from barking?

How to control a dog from barking?
By akanksha · 04 Jul 2013 12:16 pm


By Navjot Singh · 04 Jul 2013 1:55 pm
You can't control humans from speaking coz it's natural for them to speak to communicate with each other. Dogs bark to communicate, to alert and to scare intruders off. Do you confine your dog with a chain? If yes, then it's inevitable for it to bark because he wants to be free. If you confine your dog with a leash, he will naturally become agitated, feel insecure and may vent his energy by barking relentlessly.
You need to give them plenty of exercise in form of walks, plays and training aimed at stimulating them mentally. A tired dog is a healthy dog and they are problem free dogs at home.
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By Romil Tripathi · 04 Jul 2013 3:55 pm
Although it is not possible to stop the dog from barking. But then also if you want to stop the dog from barking then you must know the reasons why your dog barks so much. If the dog is left alone for the long time then it becomes a habit for dog to bark. Sometimes you unintentionally train the dog for barking. So always keep these things in mind and give your dog professional training for some mental exercise.
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By Nishith Nayak · 04 Jul 2013 7:30 pm
keep in touch with your dog.dogs only barks when they are alone for a long time,and suffering from disease,to give attention etc.
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yashkant gaur
By nithia · Dog Tricks and Fun · 12 Apr 2011 10:35 am ·

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