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Could someone please recommend a really effective trainer for my German Shepherd?

Could someone please recommend a really effective trainer for my boisterous 10-month old male German Shepherd? I said "effective" as two earlier trainers proved to be quite useless.
By Nivedita · 23 Nov 2009 4:09 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 23 Nov 2009 6:00 pm
What are the training difficulties that you are facing.

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By Arpit · 23 Nov 2009 6:46 pm
chck out with MUKUL-9818333089 if living in DELHI/NCR. He is from ALPHA=11
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By Runni · 24 Nov 2009 10:58 am
He is already 10 mnth & not yet trained!!!!!
Training gsds is rather easy if somebody follows the right method. You can try by yourself if you dog is not having any serious behaviour problem. I train my 9 mnth old gsd all by myself & he is at the last phase of his training.
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By Nivedita · 24 Nov 2009 3:46 pm
Thanks for the inputs. I'll try out Mukul. Biffer isn't trained well because of the kind of trainers he had. Plus, I'm sure we made a few mistakes ourselves. All we've managed is to potty train him! He is an extremely friendly dog---greets everyone as though they were long lost brothers! But he listens to the sit and lie down commands only if he wants to. Part of the problem is that he doesn't get enough exercise to channelize his energy (although he is taken out 3 times a day--sometimes we make him run); so he unleashes it on destroying the house---chews up newspapers, books, furniture, any thing he can lay his mouth on. The only disturbing thing is that his boisterous behaviour could hurt my 6-year old daughter whom he bullies a lot (he frequently pulls her pony tail !). He can't bear it when we hug and kiss her--he then bites her or us (I mean not really bites but grabs the nearest limb in his mouth..) I guess he's being both possessive and jealous.
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By Dinkar Singh · 24 Nov 2009 5:14 pm
You seem to have identified the problem correctly. Dogs specially big dogs need proper exercise and they also need themselves to be kept busy going something, specially working breeds. Destroying things is out of boredom and yes you would need to give him proper exercise everyday. What kind of a place do you live an apartment or a house.

This is why I tell everyone to research a breed properly before getting it, please dnt take it in the wrong way as earlier also people seem to get offended by the truth. However there is a solution to every problem.

What you can also do is neuter him. I have seen a lot of difference after a dog is neutered.

As for the second problem, once again you have hit the hammer on the nail. It is jealous behaviour. Firstly do your basic obedience properly with him and he must know commands such as sit, come, down, heel, and most important No.

Try to be around with your husband and child and put the dog on a leash and who ever is close to him should pet him etc whle the other can play around with your daughter at a slight distance. Make him sit down and when ever he jumps up, say a firm no and put him back on the same sit down command. If he does not do anything after that praise him and may be give him a treat. The same process can be done now with your husband with him and you playing with you daughter.

At first may be just sitting on the sofa with your daughter and reading a book or something and slowly increasing it to kissing her or hugging her. If he jump pull the leash strongly and a firm NO.

There are various ways and one has to see what works the best, but always remember it takes time and patience and short training sessions. Your daughter also must do obedience training with your dog with you. I always advise the entire family to give orders etc otherwise the dog can get used to listening to only one person. She can do basic things like sit, come etc with one of you holding a loose leash. And when he listens your daughter can give a treat. Another option can be ignoring him when he misbehaves as he might be doing so to get your attention also.

Without actually seeing the dog and how he responds to what training methods, it is very difficult for me to say anything, but give it a try. If you live in an apartment or even in a house and have a guard at the gate, then perhaps you can give the guard some extra money and he can walk your dog in the morning and evening. Give him a long walk, that way he will have a little less energy. Neutering will also help in reducing the second behaviour problem also.

All the best and let me know how things go.
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By Nivedita · 24 Nov 2009 7:17 pm
Thanks Dinkar for the valuable tips. Basically, i have to deal him say way I would a younger child--ignore him if trying to get attention ( he actually sits on the coffee/centre table of the living room so that he's literally the centre of attention!) and lavish affection so that he doesn't feel we prefer Vanya over him! Somehow a firm "no" doesnt work with him. We've tried the reward system--giving him little treats. Let me try getting hold of this trainer (mukul) some one suggested. Meanwhile, my husband has decided the session by a "dog whisperer" advertised on this blog. Ahhh...the things we have to do for our children! A dog whisperer!!
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By Ravinder · 24 Nov 2009 11:11 pm
I hesitate to think what the trainer will contribute to the correction of this situation. You need to change the overall approach with the dog.

Neutering him befre he reaches 2 years age will not allow some harmones to mature, but he is less likely to develop even his natural level of agression with being nutered at this age. For this reason most working dogs r not neutered until 2 years age, there on neutering has no affect on agression.

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