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Can i put my pet in an animal shelter?

Can i put my pet in an animal shelter?
By suzy · 01 Apr 2011 10:38 pm


By suzy · 01 Apr 2011 10:40 pm
CUPA animal Shelter or any other animal shelter for that matter is the worst place to leave your puppy, street dogs or pups or your own pet. It’s better to leave it with anyone else who wants a dog even if it is your driver or servant (anyone who loves dogs). Once a dog or puppy is left in CUPA or any other shelter for that matter it is sentenced to death. Puppies are exposed to diseased filled cages and rooms. Which are never disinfected. The sickly ones are mixed with the healthy ones and within 5 days be assured the pup or dog you have left is dead. As soon as your pup/dog arrives they are put in small cages (which are never disinfected) and left there for 5 to 10 days depending on when it dies, they are not given water at all because the attenders do not want to keep wiping away their urine. They get dehydrated and infected with viral diseases and death is the only consequence. If they don’t die they at least get very sickly because of dehydration and infection and the doctors come and euthanize them.

So that’s the fate of a dog or a puppy in animal shelters. A very tiny number of them survive and after maybe 10- 15 days are moved from the tiny cages and put in other enclosures.

My personal experience is as follows, In front of my gate a street dog littered 4 pups, within 3 weeks the puppies were filled with ticks but were pretty healthy, i took the 4 puppies, de-ticked them with medicated dog shampoo for 2 weeks (4 times) and they were completely free of all ticks after which i let them mix around with my own 5 dogs. I fed them ceralac since they needed nutrition, after which i fed them healthy dog food and meat and rice for about 2 months. They were healthy, playful and just a delight. 1 got adopted by an electrician who loves dogs (who is doing great now). I wanted to find good homes for the other three since I couldn’t keep all of them. So i contacted CUPA, Hebbal, Bangalore and they said that they will take the puppies and that they will surely get adopted, i wanted to keep tab and if they don’t get adopted that I would take them back.

I dropped them there, they put them in a small cage, and assured me in all ways possible (Only they had other intentions, i am sure everyone knows the intentions of NGOs). I visited them the next day to check if they were eating and they were since I saw a bowl of rice with egg in their cage, do not get fooled they are fed but they are not given any water, when I asked them why they said they might spill it. But the reason is clear the lazy attenders never give any of the dogs or puppies water since they have to clean up their urine. I never knew this at that time. I visited them after 4 days (They were still in the small cage not moved) again and realized they were very thin and took them back, if I dint I wouldn’t have never known what actually happens there. As soon as they were with me I gave them water, they were gulping it like they had never seen water in days, I brought them home, and they had a smelly loose motion and vomiting all the time, no appetite, depressed and very still all the time. They did not eat anything but sat next to the mug of water the whole day sipping and just looking at it. The next morning 1 of the puppies died (Her Name was Phoebe), and 2 of my dogs started the same symptoms of loose motion and vomiting, I took the remaining 2 puppies and the 2 dogs to the vet and he explained to us that it is viral infection which effects the gastro intestinal tract and without treatment survival is not possible. He gave them antibiotics and they are currently on treatment.

I then found out from the people there that CUPA kills 30-60 puppies a day (supposed to be genuine ngo, imagine the other animal shelters). And god only knows how many other animals die every day. If you have healthy puppies or dogs do not leave them in animal shelters of any kind, be patient and give it to a family that loves dogs even though you might think they cannot take care of it very well but trust me it is better than putting them in shelters.

Street dogs and puppies are the worst treated there. The attenders are rough and treat them like furniture, they are not cared for as you might think.

Please do not leave any animals in shelters or homes or no-kill shelters. That is all crap. They have one intention and we all know what that is. Please be patient and give it to any human who may be interested in the animal. But never never never in a shelter.

P.S: you will see some 3 legged dogs, and other injured dogs and animals displayed in the main area and in the corridors of these shelters but these animals are the permanent residents there who get a home no doubt but this is just for show. The animals that come in on a daily bases are treated like non-living things and are placed in infected places giving them a ticket to death. 5-10 days is how long a dog or pup will survive in these conditions with no water and eventually die. The sickly ones and street dogs/pups are euthanized.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
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By viji nair · 02 Apr 2011 12:30 pm
PLS DONT put your pet to animal shelter ......i can find some1 to adopt yr dog asap
kindly contact me on vijinair82@yahoo.com
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By Bijal · 02 Apr 2011 1:09 pm
Horrible....... It seems that these NGOs are only interested in getting donations....not for animals..but for the own. No words to say, but you did right that picked up ur pups from there and got treated. As soon as they got ok you can find the home for them.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 03 Apr 2011 1:18 pm
you are absolutely right, i do have my own experience that i left my dog in one of the famous kennel in Bangalore but when i returned from my hometown i felt heart broken by seeing my dog he infected with rashes and high fever, i took him to vet and gave medicated bath and he is doing fine now. Instead of sending pups/dogs to kennel it would be better to leave our pets in homes who loves dogs i.e. foster homes.
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By suzy · 22 Apr 2011 9:14 am
Hi Everyone, thank you for your posts. The other 2 puppies are treated and doing fine now. I am searching for homes for them.
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