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What is the right age to first mate the female dog & minimum how many mates required to get pregenent?

Dear All, I have a 05 months old great dane female pup. Last 03 days she is discharging white fluid & crying, i have following questions to be clear. 1- Is she on heat? 2- As she is only 05 months old hence its is not safe to mate, then how many days she will remain on heat? 3- After how many days she will again on heat i.e what is cycle time? 4- What is the right age to first mate the female dog & minimum how many mates required to get pregenent at what days of heat?
By Niraj Agarwal · 22 May 2010 11:46 pm


By Ansh · 23 May 2010 6:04 am
Go to vet ASAP.
Minimum age of mating is 2 years. Canines came on heat after every 6 months.

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By Gopal Krishna · 23 May 2010 6:51 am
as suggested go to Vet ASAP

1. In heat no dogs cries I think.
2. Mating should be done not before 2 years... better 2.5 half or 3 let the dog mature well enough
3. Dogs get heat cycle is of approximately 21 days and the cycle repeats every 6 month
4. chances of getting pregnant is like human... Its not a rocket science but you never know when she will be pregnant but chances are better between 2nd week and 3rd

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By Dr Saurabh · 23 May 2010 8:46 am
this is puppy vaginitis .classic case of pre puberty syndromes.a short course of antibiotics shd take care but as suggested go to a vet ,let him examine it thoroughly and follow his advice.
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