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Could any of you advise how do we tame them from attacking.?

Dear Dog lovers, Our female lab who is 5 years old was castrated about 3 months ago because we found it difficult to take care of the puppies. Now a new problem has sharted. Our male pom who is also 5 years old started attacking the female lab. The poor female lab becomes weak when she is attacked by her previous male after castration. Could any of you advise how do we tame them from attacking. Regards Ce;es
By Celes · 07 Dec 2010 8:55 pm


By Mark D\'Costa · 09 Dec 2010 5:29 pm
Hello, remember when you spay a bitch (inmales you call it neutering and in females its called spaying), the fight hormones are considerably reduced. This has left your female in a non fighting mode. The only answer to your problem is to give a firm "NO" command to your male when he goes to attack the female. If your male wont bite you then at the moment before the attack you could hold him by the scruff of his neck ( not too lightly not too tight, just enough to make him understand that you mean buisness) and look straight into his eye and in a an authoratative voice say "NO". 5 to 6 times of this behavoiour from you should get the message across to him that attacking the fem is not tolerated. If all this fails you will have to neuter the male too. This will take out any aggression hormones from his body
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By Celes · 10 Dec 2010 2:27 pm
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your respone. This female lab even before castration she could not fight against the male pomerian even though they are of the same age. She becomes very submissive and accepts his teeth bites on her body. Also we have another problem, the female lab who littered earlier, her female puppies mess around too much and they start digging big pot holes on the earth which unknowingly some one can get foot injured while walking. We tried by rubbing the urine on paper and drying it in the sun, it does not work with us which we fail to understand. Now the pomerian does not eat. We tried to deworm with Zentol by mixing it in his food but she does not eat. Orally she runs away when we tried to put th e medicine in his mouth.

Awaiting your tips.


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By Mark D\'Costa · 10 Dec 2010 11:19 pm
Hello Celes, There is a something called the packing order amongst dogs. there is one alpha dog and the allothers fall below this dog. It looks like the alpha dog is the male pom. But YOU have to prove to the male pom that he is not the alpha dog, but in reality YOU are the alpha dog. you have to prove to him that you are the leader of the pack and and what you say is the final way, and the pom must learn to accept and respect that. And one of your orders are to mek the pom know that biting the lab is just not acceptable.
About the pups digging holes, remeber that all pups are playfull. It is abvolutely normal for pups to dig holes. But since it a cause for human safety, try redirecting thier energy onto something else. If you hve a garden try tying a piece of thin rope and some toy at the end of the rope. Tie the upper end to something high so that the end with the toy just hangs (from the ground) about the headheight of the pups. The pups will enjoy pulling and and biting the toy andhoepfully wont look at digging.
Soaking the paper in urine and keeping it in the gareden works!!!! After the pups had thier feed or water to drink take them in the gardeon near this paper (preferably ona leash and dont move till they pee. 6/7 times of this will have them peeing around the paper. Remember consistency is the majic word.
My wife has a wonderfull way of giving medication to the dogs. She crushes the pill, mixes it with 5 ml of water and uses a syringe (without the needle). She draws the mixture in the syringe and opens the side of the mouth and squeeze. Keep the dogs mouth closed after sqeezing syringe, till he has swollowed all 5ml.
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By Celes · 12 Dec 2010 9:06 pm
Hi Mark

Thanks for your tips. We will defintely try all and hope this experiment proves successful.


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